Pre-Prep School (Y1-Y5)

The Pre-Prep Phase at Harrow International School Hong Kong spans from Years 1-5. 


The Pre-Prep curriculum follows the UK based ‘New Primary Curriculum’ and the UK ‘Primary Strategy’.

Broadly speaking, the year is divided into six half termly Themes that drive the focus of the curriculum. The class teacher teaches a vast majority of the curriculum. Literacy and Mathematics are taught both as discrete entities and as linked units to the half termly Theme work.

Each class in the Pre-Prep School receives specialist teaching in Music, Swimming, Chinese and a further language option of Chinese, French or Spanish. Opportunities for the additional language option should be discussed at or before admissions interview.

Structure of the School Day

The Pre-Prep day is a full programme from Monday to Friday. It begins at 8.15am and finishes at 3.50pm. The day is interspersed with regular breaks and opportunities for students to interact and socialise. Lunch at School is provided and the students sit in class tables under the supervision of the staff. There is also a mid-morning and afternoon snack. 

Leadership in Action Programme

Integrated into the School day is the Leadership in Action (LiA) Programme that ensures students undertake a range of activities above and beyond the academic curriculum for five hours per week.

Learning Environment

The purpose built Pre-Prep School hosts a variety of age-appropriate facilities that support the curriculum in a manner of ways. Each classroom has its own Interactive Whiteboard and mini-suite of computers. The rooms are well resourced with educational resources that support the delivery of the curriculum. Year 1 classrooms have access to an outdoor terrace to support the transition from Early Years with a plethora of opportunities for exploratory play.

There is a dedicated Pre-Prep ICT suite, music room and art area. In addition to this, each Pre-Prep floor boasts a generous shared area which allows entire year groups to collaborate and work in a variety of challenging ways. The design and layout of the shared areas changes with the Theme each half term and both students and staff are involved in developing these learning spaces to create a real sense of ownership.

Pre-Prep students also have access to whole School facilities, including the astro-turf, sports hall and swimming pool.

Each class has a low adult to student ratio which ensures quality interactions that move learning forward:

  • Years 1 & 2 – Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant (22 students maximum)
  • Years 3, 4 & 5 – Class Teacher and a shared Teaching Assistant (24 students maximum)



Lower School Student Leadership Council

At the start of each academic year elections are held in each Years 2, 3, 4 & 5 class for a Representative and Vice-Representative to sit on the Lower School Student Leadership Council. The Council meets regularly to discuss ways of improving the experience at school for all Lower School students. All students have the opportunity to feed suggestions to their class Representatives, which are then discussed at Council meetings and decisions relayed back to classes.

All this combined serves to provide students with challenging experiences that build on skills of independent learning and thoroughly prepares them for the next transition into the Prep School. It brings them ever closer to becoming students who truly embody and fulfil the School’s vision statement Leadership for a better world.


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