Student Achievements

  • Mei Law (Y10, Wu) was awarded second place in the Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre 2016 Art & Writing Contest, which she entered at the end of last academic year, for her essay entitled Why and How We Should Remember Genocide.  (June 2017)

  • Two teams of Harrow Hong Kong students gained a Bronze Medal in the 2017 British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project. Group A included Y12 students Greg Chu (Y12, Peel), Courtney Lam (Y12, Gellhorn) and Ben Wang (Y12, Churchill); and Group G included Year 10 students Tank Cong (Y10, Sun), Vivian Lui (Y10, Wu) and Katrina Tse (Y10, Keller). (April 2017)

  • Students in the Prep School achieved 28 Gold, 21 Silver and 17 Bronze awards in the UKMT Junior Mathematics Challenges. Gold awards are given to the top 10% of students taking the paper. Philip Kim (Y8, Banks), Kush Melwani (Y8, Shackleton), Warren Zhu (Y8, Shackleton), Danian Cheung (Y7, Banks) and Matthew Chin (Y7, Shackleton) were in the top 1200 students internationally and qualified for the Junior Mathematical Olympiad in May. (April 2017)

  • Angela Ng (Y11, Gellhorn), Aaron Wong (Y10, Peel) and Arthur Summers (Y10, Churchill) gained Silver Medals (10.1% of the 3425 entries) in the 2017 British Physics Olympiad GCSE Challenge. Harrow Hong Kong students also won 4 Bronze level I award and 3 Bronze level II award. (April 2017)

  • Tracy Chen (Y12, Keller) and Benjamin Wang (Y12, Churchill) gained Gold Medals (4.6% of the total 2363 entries), and Courtney Lam (Y12, Gellhorn), Sabrina Shi (Y12, Keller) and Ken Zhang (Y12, Sun) Silver Medals (11.3% of the entries) in the 2017 British Physics Olympiad AS Challenge. Harrow Hong Kong students also won 1 Bronze level I award and 1 Bronze level II award. (April 2017)

  • Ronald Hsu (Y13, Sun) and Ryan Thang (Y13, Peel) gained a Gold Medal (6% of the 7500 entries), and Jodie Ip (Y13, Gellhorn) a Silver Medal (16% of the entries) in the 2017 British Biology Olympiad. Harrow Hong Kong students also won 1 Bronze medal and 1 Highly Commended award. (April 2017)

  • In the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Intermediate Mathematical Challenge, Senior School students achieved 24 Gold, 23 Silver and 11 Bronze awards. Those entries placed in the top 500 were invited to take part in the Intermediate Mathematical Olympiad: Douglass Wang (Y11, Peel) achieved Distinctions; Vivian Liu (Y10, Wu) and Ho Wang Tang (Y10, Sun) achieved Merits. Additionally Angela Ng (Y11, Gellhorn), Edith Chan (Y10, Wu), Rocco Jiang (Y10, Churchill), Valerie Tsang (Y10, Gellhorn), Jett Li (Y9, Peel) and Michelle Ng (Y9, Gellhorn) qualified for the Kangaroo paper and achieved Merits. (February and March 2017)

  • Charles Gai (Y13, Sun) received an Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award for the highest mark in Hong Kong in AS-level Art & Design from Cambridge International Examinations. (January 2017)

  • The following students have been entered by the School for the Hong Kong Young Writers’ Award: in Y10, Pernille Gao and Mei Law (both Wu), Ella Stranger (Gellhorn); in Y9, Molly Fox, Gisele Ng (both Wu), Michelle Yeung (Keller); in Y8, Matilde Mesquita De Melo (Fry), Callum Sharma (Shackleton); in Y7, Catherine Chao (Parks), Adrian Lam (Darwin); in Y6, Jamie Perring (Shackleton), Bonnie Pang and Emily Stevenson (both Fry), Philippa Jamison (Nightingale), Angus O’Connor (Darwin); and in Y5, Chryso Hon, Lexi Joseph-Hui, Jaimee Li, Gwyneth Suen and Seraphina Western. (January 2017)

  • Ralph Summers and Akira Williams Rao (both Y13, Churchill), David Stevenson and Andrew Crossan (Y13 and Y12, Sun), supported by James Brammer (Y12, Peel), Andrew Crossan (Y12, Sun), Samar Jayachandran (Y12, Churchill) and Joelle Portia Chan (Y11, Gellhorn), organised Harrow Hong Kong’s first Model United Nations conference (HARMUN). Riaz Murray (Y11, Peel) and Steven Liu (Y10, Peel) won the 'Most Improved Delegate' awards, and Finn Bartlett (Y12, Sun) won the best delegate award in his committee. (January 2017)

  • Ben Wang (Y12, Churchill) scored 42 out of 60 in the A2 Physics Challenge Competition, run by the British Physics Olympiad. He was named in the top 100 candidates, and received a certificate of distinction and a Bronze medal. Lok Yan Cheng (Y13, Wu), Charles Gai, Ronald Hsu (both Y13, Sun) and Rose Wang (Y13, Gellhorn) received Merit awards. (January 2017)

  • The Middle School team by Julien Levieux (Y9, Churchill), Jake Brockwell (Y8 Banks), Kevin Zheng (Y9 Churchill), Oscar Kennedy (Y8, Banks), and Russell Kwok (Y7, Shackleton) won overall victory in the International History Bee and Bowl championships in Hong Kong. Julien was 1st in the final, Jake came second, and Russell came fourth. In the Junior Varsity section, Eugene Lam (Y11, Peel) was commended. Both teams qualify for the Asian finals at the end of the year in Shanghai. (January 2017)

  • Benjamin Wang (Y12, Churchill) achieved a distinction and Bronze medal in the British Mathematics Olympiad. (December 2016)

  • Ryan Thang (Y13, Peel) received a Distinction in the ABRSM alto saxophone examination. (December 2016)

  • Charles Gai (Y13, Sun) scored in the top 10% of students in the British Physics Olympiad and received a Gold award. Lok Yan Cheng (Y13, Wu) and Ralph Summers (Y13, Churchill) gained Silver and Bronze, and Daniel Ng (Y13, Sun) received a commendation. Over 1,680 students participated from around the world. (December 2016)

  • Students in the Senior School achieved 16 Gold, 29 Silver and 20 Bronze awards in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Senior Mathematics Challenges. Gold awards are given to the top 10% of students taking the paper. Lok Yan Cheng (Y13, Wu), Rose Wang (Y13, Gellhorn), Greg Chu (Y12, Peel), Benjamin Wang (Y12, Churchill), Sabrina Shi (Y12, Keller) and Ken Zhang (Y12, Churchill)  were in the top 1000 students internationally and qualified for the British Mathematics Olympiad in December. (November 2016)

  • Eight Prep School students, in two teams, competed in the Hong Kong Kids Lit Championship. The team of Alyssa Wong (Y7, Fry), Carlos Seade-Cabrera (Y8, Shackleton), Jake Brockwell (Y8, Banks) and Jamie Perring (Y6, Shackleton) was victorious and has earned an invitation to attend the Kids Lit Quiz World Finals in Toronto, Canada. (October 2016)

  • Twenty-one students participated in the Model United Nations Conference at Canadian International School. Prize-winning delegates include Ralph Summers (Y13, Churchill) who chaired the conference, together with Frans Otten (Y13, Sun), Akira Williams-Rao (Y13, Churchill), Benjamin Wang (Y12, Churchill), Chinat Yu (Y11, Churchill), Andrew Crossan, James England-Brammer (both Y12, Sun) and Aaron Wong (Y10, Peel). (September 2016)

  • Megan Siu (Y7, Nightingale) and Audrey Yuen (Y7, Parks) entered the Education Perfect English and Science Championships. Audrey achieved a Bronze Award in English (top 10% of competitors) and a Credit in Science (top 20%). Megan received a Credit in Science. (September 2016)

  • Philip Kim (Y8, Banks) scored in the top 30% of entrants in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Junior Mathematical Olympiad in June. Only 1200 of the highest scorers in the Junior Maths Challenge were invited to participate in the Olympiad. (August 2016)

  • An acrylic on wood painting by Andrew Fan (Y11, Churchill) reached the final of the Sovereign Art Foundation Hong Kong Students’ Prize competition. (May 2017)

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  • The U12 Boys' A & U12 Girls' teams came 3rd and 4th respectively in their ISSFHK Football leagues. (June 2017)

  • The U14B and U12A teams won the Championship in ISSFHK Netball leagues. The U12B team reached the semi-final in the play-offs. (June 2017)

  • The Equestrian team consisting of Maya Rao, Natasha Marcon (both Y11, Keller), Bianca Lee and Melanie Yang (both Y10, Wu) competed in the HKEF Inter-school Equestrian Challenge (Higher Division) Final. The team came 3rd overall and Bianca came third in the individual Jumping competition. (April 2017)

  • The U14 Boys' team won the Championship in their ISSFHK Badminton leagues. The U20 girls' team won a Bronze Medal, and both U16 and U20 boys' teams finished fourth. (April 2017)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Lloyd) represented Hong Kong in the Abu Dhabi leg of the FINA 10km Marathon World Swimming Championships. (March 2017)

  • Terence Lee (Y12, Peel) received the 'Most Promising Sports Stars' award from the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong at the Samsung 2017 Hong Kong Sports Stars Awards ceremony. (March 2017)

  • The U20 Boys’ team won the championship in the ISSFHK Touch Rugby leagues. (March 2017)

  • In the ISSFHK Athletics meet, Jesse Swan (Y11, Sun) finished 3rd in the U16 1500m Final and Ella Stranger (Y10, Gellhorn) finished 1st in the U14 1500m Final; Anna Birkett (Y9, Gellhorn) finished 3rd in both the U16 400m and 200m Final, and Johnathan Ip (Y11, Sun) finished 3rd in the U16 400m Final; the U12 Girls’ and Boys’ teams came 2nd and 3rd respectively in the 4 x 100m Relay race. Daly Cheng (Y10, Peel) won a Silver medal in the U16 Shot, Lily Haik (Y8, Fry) won a Gold medal in the U14 Discus, Ava Grylewicz (Y8, Fry) won a Bronze medal in the U14 Shot, and Chloe Levieux (Y7, Nightingale)  won a Gold medal in the U12 High Jump. (March 2017)

  • Terence Lee (Y12, Peel) represented Hong Kong in the Cadet (U17), and Junior (U20) events in the 2017 Asian Cadet & Junior Fencing Championship in Thailand. He bettered last year’s individual bronze and team golds by achieving two golds in the Cadet Competition and two bronze medals in the Junior. (March 2017)

  • Ricky Tsang (Y12, Churchill) won a Bronze in the ISSFHK Fencing tournament. (March 2017)

  • The U14A Boys' team won the Championship against Hong Kong Academy 33-28 at the ISSFHK Basketball tournament. (March 2017)

  • In the ISSFHK Cross Country meet, Ella Stranger (Y10, Gellhorn) won a Silver Medal in the U14 race, and Xavier Leboeuf (Y7, Shackleton) and Max Smith (Y7, Shackleton) won a Gold medal and a Silver medal respectively in the U12 race. (February 2017)

  • Ava Grylewicz (Y8, Fry) was selected as the Hong Kong Netball Association Player in the 2017 Regional 14’s Academy Squad, and hopefully to play representative for Hong Kong in the future. (January 2017)

  • The U18 Girls' Rugby team entered the 5-a-side Beach Rugby Tournament for the first time and finished in fourth place with one win. JoJo Ng (Y13, Gellhorn) was named the U19 Most Valuable Player. (January 2017)

  • Maya Rao (Y11, Keller) finished in 3rd place in the Inter-Schools Warm Up Jumping competition at Tuen Mun Riding School. (January 2017)

  • The U18, U16, U14 & U12 Cross Country teams all received medals in the Team Relay event of the ISSFHK Cross Country tournament. The U18 Boys and Girls, U16 Boys and U14 Boys all won Bronze medals; the U16, U14 Girls, U12 Boys and Girls won all their events. (January 2017)

  • Rugby player Anna Birkett (Y9 Gellhorn) won the prestigious Larry Abel Award for the “Best & Fairest” player at the 2017 Prudential New Year’s Day Youth Tournament. Representng the U16 Peninsula Dragons, Anna was only the second girl to be so recognised behind national star Natasha Olson-Thorne.

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun) entered the 5km race and finished in 1st place in the HKASA Open Water Swimming Competition. (December 2016)

  • Senior runners in the latest round of the ISSFHK Cross Country Tournament gained good results. Ravi Ray (Y11, Peel) finished 1st, David Stevenson (Y13, Sun) finished 2nd and Terence Lee (Y12, Peel) finished 3rd in the U18 Boys' race; Alexa Fung (Y12, Keller) finished 1st, Suki Cheung (Y12, Gellhorn) finished 2nd and Zoe Cheung (Y12, Gellhorn) finished 3rd in the U18 girls' race; Dion Chi (Y11, Peel) finished 1st in the U16 Boys’ race; and Vanessa Heung (Y11, Keller) finished 1st, Anna Birkett (Y9, Gellhorn) finished 2nd and Claudia Yip (Y10, Keller) finished 3rd in the U16 Girls' race. (December 2016)

  • In the U11 Boys Football Sevens Tournament, the U11A team won against Beacon Hill School, Kellett Kowloon and Kowloon Junior School in the group matches, DBIS in the semi finals and Discovery College in the final. (November 2016)

  • Forty-eight Harrow Hong Kong students took part in the 'Running to Stop the Traffik' 24 Hour Race on the Peak. Overall, the teams finished in the top five in the race and raised a large sum of money. Overall, the event raised HKD1,421,014 and the School teams raised over 10% of the total (HKD$154,528). Amelia Phipps (Y10, Wu) was the fastest female runner in the races. Frans Otten (Y13, Sun) coordinated all the School teams and led one of the boys' teams to 4th place in the fundraising category. The girls' team led by Mimi Li (Y11, Gellhorn) raised the highest amount of all the teams in the event. The other team captains were: Emma Carter (Y13, Wu); Emma Bilney (Y12, Gellhorn); James England Brammer & Hamza Apabhai (both Y12, Peel). (November 2016)

  • The U11A Girls' Netball team won all group matches and won the annual Kowloon Schools Netball Tournament against AISHK, Beacon Hill, DBIS, Kellett and RCHK. Eva Morley (Y6, Parks) was awarded Player of The Tournament. (November 2016)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun), Daniel Ng (Y13, Sun), Daniel Bristow (Y11, Churchill) and Annie Cheung (Y11, Gellhorn) swam outstanding races in the ISSFHK Swimming Championships against other 16 schools. Singha gained a silver medal in 200m freestyle, two bronze in 100m freestyle and 200m medley; Daniel (Ng) gained silver in 50m butterfly and Daniel (Bristow) had silver in 50m freestyle. The U20 Boys' team took overall silver. Annie won bronze in 200m medley, U20 Girls' took overall bronze. Jack Liang (Y7, Shackleton) was the highest placed swimmer in the U12 & U14 events in the morning session. (November 2016)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun) finished 2nd in the New World Harbour Race 2016 Open Group A - Men (age 17-34). (November 2016)

  • In the HKSSF Inter-Schools Cross Country meet, Emma Carter (Y13, Wu) finished 1st in the U20 race, Ella Stranger (Y10, Gellhorn) finished 2nd in the U16 race, Sam Bradford (Y8, Darwin) and Luka Brun (Y6, Shackleton) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in the U14 race. The U14 Boys' team won overall. (November 2016)

  • Natasha Marcon (Y11, Keller) achieved first place in the Inter-School Higher Division Warm Up Dressage competition. (November 2016)

  • Several students have been selected to represent Hong Kong at rugby. Ed Cazzoli (Y13, Peel), Oliver Duffy (Y13, Sun), Henry Luise (Y13, Peel) and Frans Otten (Y13, Sun) for the U20 Boys' rugby team; Barnaby Bilney (Y9, Sun), Scott Murray (Y9, Sun), Sandy Phillips (Y9, Sun), O Ibuki (Y9, Peel), Oliver Stranger (Y8, Darwin) and Ben Ellis (Y8, Darwin) for the U14 Boys' team; and Anna Birkett (Y9, Gellhorn) and Polina Chelphanova (Y9, Wu) for the U14 Girls' team. (November 2016)

  • Twenty-three Harrow Hong Kong students competed in the Hong Kong Sprint Triathlon Asian Cup. The students either signed up to compete in the individual triathlon to take on all three disciplines themselves (swim, bike, run) or the team event which consisted of three athletes per squad taking on each event. Among hundreds of competitors, the team of Athena Ho (Y8, Nightingale) and Angelina Leissner (Y7, Nightingale) ranked second; Margaux Luvisuto (Y6, Fry), Eva Morely (Y6, Parks) and Jade Overington (Y6, Parks) came third; and Luka Brun (Y6, Shackleton), Arthur Clayton (Y6, Darwin) and Lewis Harrison (Y6, Banks) came fourth. (October 2016)

  • In the Hong Kong School Sports Federation Swimming Gala, Daniel Ng (Y13, Lloyd) achieved the qualifying time for the National Championships in the 50m Freestyle, Daniel Bristow (Y11, Churchill) won the 200m Freestyle, Margaux Luvistutto (Y6, Fry) won 2nd in 50m Butterfly and 5th in 50m Backstroke, and Eve Grylewicz (Y6, Fry) won 4th in 50m Butterfly. The School won the team competition for scoring over 400 points. (October 2016)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun) represented Hong Kong and swam in the 5km marathon at the Asian Beach Games in Vietnam. He finished 8th in a highly competitive field of international standard. (September 2016)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun) represented Hong Kong and took part in the National Presidential 10km Marathon competition in Taiwan. He finished 3rd in the race. (September 2016)

  • The Year 6 Football Boys’ team finished 4th in the International Schools Football Competition. (September 2016)

  • Singha Chau (Y12, Sun) and his Hong Kong teammate placed 3rd in the 7th Xiamen-Kinmen Cross-strait Swimming Race on 1st August. 200 competitors aged 14-55 from the mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan took part in the annual 7km open water relay race. (August 2016)

  • Oliver Duffy (Y13, Sun) represented Hong Kong in the two legs of the Asia Rugby U20 Sevens Series. In the first leg held in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Oliver scored the winning try in the plate final against Chinese Taipei. The second leg was held in Hong Kong and the team were unbeaten, playing Singapore, South Korea, UAE and Malaysia in the early rounds before beating Sri Lanka comfortably in the final. (July 2016)

  • Florence Fu (Y13, Gellhorn) represented Hong Kong in show jumping at CSICH/J/Y Tehran, Iran on 7-8th July. Florence won the Juniors Class Jumping Horse and Silver in the Juniors 115cm class. (July 2016)

Student Achivements
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