Leadership in Action Overview


A varied extra-curricular programme has always been an essential part of a Harrow education. Distinctively in Hong Kong, the Leadership in Action programme includes an extra-curricular (ECA) programme for all students from Y1 to Y13, which is integrated into the longer than normal School day, supported by an enrichment programme outside the formal School day. These programmes, together with related opportunities in the academic curriculum and the Facing Challenges programme (the School’s bespoke pastoral education programme), aim to encourage students to attain excellence in those activities in which they show talent while engaging over time in a broad range of activities that enable them to develop the skills associated with six key themes: service, charity, teamwork, creative expression, leadership and challenge.

The Leadership-in-Action programme includes a wide range of team and individual sports, music, art, drama, cultural and academic extension activities. In the ECA programme, all students in the Pre-Prep School, Prep School and Year 9 take part in a Core Sports programme throughout the year and can make additional option choices of other ECAs each term. Students in the Senior School choose all their ECA options.

There is an Upper School enrichment programme each day after 5.15pm for boarders and those day students able to attend. It includes a very good range of inter-House academic, cultural and sports competitions throughout the year, with inter-House sports leagues every Wednesday. On selected Wednesdays in the Autumn Term and Spring Term, inter-House competitions involving the participation of all Upper School students mean that all day students are required to remain until 7.15pm in Wednesday Evening School. Music Ensembles practices and academic society meetings take place during the lunchtime enrichment programme.

There is also an enrichment programme on Wednesdays for students in the Pre-Prep School.

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