Application Fee
  • A fee of HK$1,500 is charged to cover the costs of actions and procedures by the Admissions department in processing all applications for entry.
  • This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • The fee does not cover the costs of assessments and interviews, to which only shortlisted applicants are invited as outlined in the ‘Assessment section’.

Tuition Fees - Academic Year 2017-2018

  1. Tuition fees include the costs of textbooks and handouts, certain essential school supplies, some field trips, student activities and  insurance, but exclude other mandatory costs as set out below. Details can be obtained from the Director of Finance.
  2. Tuition fees do not include the cost of compulsory school uniform, lunch, snacks and transport by school bus.
  3. Year 9 tuition fees exclude the cost of textbooks in the core subject of English, Mathematics and Sciences. For those students in the Year 9 EAP programme, textbooks and examination fees are excluded.
  4. Year 10 to Year 13 tuition fees exclude the cost of textbooks and examination fees.
  5. Discounts on tuition fees will be applied for siblings who are in the School at the same time, as follows:

  6. Fees are subject to annual review.
Boarding Fees - Academic Year 2017-2018

1.     Boarding Fees do not include weekend excursions or medical insurance.

2.     Fees are subject to annual review.

All the fees above (except the Application Fee and other charges) are due on or before the first day of term or by the date shown on the invoice, whichever is earlier.

Late payment charges: Accounts outstanding after the due date will incur a late payment fee. This fee may be charged on a monthly basis so long as fees are unpaid.

Other Charges (where appropriate)

  • Resources: Years 10 to 13 students purchase their own text books for IGCSE and A-Level texts as directed by the School.
  • Examination fees: Examination fees are charged for IGCSE/AS/A2 candidates in Years 10 to 13. These fees cover the regular examination programme for each student’s particular course of study throughout these years. Students undertaking re-sits of particular examinations in order to improve their grades will be charged extra fees comprising actual costs from the external examiners and administration charge.
  • Students taking PET/KET/FCE tests of English proficiency will be charged as and when they sit the exams.
  • Expeditions: All year groups from Year 3 upwards have a residential trip per year. In addition there will be opportunities for other expeditions, cultural visits, sporting and outdoor pursuits throughout the year.
  • Individual music lessons
  • Other expeditions and trips during school holidays
  • Annual Capital Levy (for students without Capital Certificates and Debentures)
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