Roles & Responsibilities

The specific term-time weekly programme of work for each Gap Tutor will vary according to his/her strengths, skills, and interests, and the needs of the School. On occasions, there may be a need for Gap Tutors to show initiative to identify areas to which they can contribute most effectively to help the School. However, each Gap Tutor lives in a Prep School House and the most fundamental and rewarding role is that of providing support and encouragement to the students in their House. The range of tasks, at all times under supervision, to help with teachers and support staff at the School include:

Time off for all Gap Tutors runs from 6.00pm Friday until 11.00am on Sunday.

Individual timetables are constructed for each Gap Tutor, which indicate the member of staff to whom they should report for each major session of the timetable.

On specified evenings each week and under the direction of House Masters or House Mistresses, Gap Tutors help in managing supper, Prep and bedtimes. On these days, there is a period of free time earlier in the day in the Gap Tutor timetable.

It is expected that a Gap Tutor will:
1. Be an excellent ambassador for Harrow International School Hong Kong

2. Follow the professional rules and guidelines for teachers

3. Be punctual and smartly dressed for all duties

  • Business attire is the norm during the School day when working in lessons or in administrative departments
  • Gap Tutors may wear the official School sports kit when engaged in sporting activities (to be provided free of charge)
  • In Houses, smart casual wear should be worn
  • Hair should always be kept tidy and any form of extreme style, cut, colour or length is not appropriate

4. Maintain professional relationships with students and teachers

5. Follow the laws of the land in Hong Kong

6. Follow the rules of the boarding House with regards to visitors

7. Keep his/her room tidy to enable effective cleaning

8. Be in close contact with the Director of Boarding and Pastoral Care about his/her whereabouts at all times for reasons of personal safety

9. Fund his/her own travel to Hong Kong at the beginning of the contract and home again at the end of it. The School will pay an allowance towards living expenses

The Head of Boarding and Pastoral Care undertakes the responsibility for the management of Gap Tutors. He is responsible for:

  • The specific timetable for each Gap Tutor, in conjunction with the Directors of Studies and the Director of Extra-Curricular Activities
  • A mentor scheme to provide regular support
  • An training programme before the start of the Autumn Term and training on an ongoing basis on matters such as boarding House policies, the conduct of expeditions and extra-curricular activities, classroom support, and professional standardsto enable Gap Tutors to fulfil their duties effectively
  • An appraisal system to evaluate performance
  • All administration, including relevant documentation, accommodation, arrival and departure details


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