Message from the Head Master

Welcome to the website of Harrow International School Hong Kong, the first international boarding and day school in Hong Kong. It is the fifth member of Harrow Family of Schools and the third in the Asia region. 2016-17 is our fifth year of operation and the student body has now grown from its starting total of 750 in September 2012 to over 1175.

Our clear and distinctive vision statement, Leadership for a better world, underpins what happens in the classroom, in extra-curricular activities and pastoral care in the School. Collectively, we aim to develop in our students the desire and skills to make a positive difference through people to the communities in which they live. Bringing elements of educational philosophy and practice from Harrow School in London to Hong Kong within the vision statement has been a very exciting challenge in this early phase of the School’s development. There are, of course, some ways in which Harrow Hong Kong is different from Harrow School in London: it is co-educational; it encompasses a much wider age range among the student body; it offers both boarding and day places; and it embraces its location in Hong Kong. However, many aspects of the School are characteristic of Harrow: high expectations of students and teachers; excellence in academic work; excellence and a high degree of participation in extra-curricular pursuits; high quality pastoral care; a genuine focus on the individual; and the development of leadership skills.

At Harrow Hong Kong you will find that, in a short period of time, a distinctive and high quality educational experience has been developed for our students, and it is founded on the strong emphasis we place on the leadership and team-working skills we believe are vital in today’s world. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful new campus with first-rate, purpose-built facilities. Most importantly, we have a highly talented teaching team with a tremendous blend of collective experience in excellent independent (boarding and day, senior and prep) schools and state schools in the UK, as well as in international schools, particularly in Asia. Both the Lower School and Upper School have become vibrant learning environments, and students of all ages are clearly benefitting from the high expectations and stimuli to which they are exposed here.

Fundamental to life in our School are the quality of relationships and community life, and the personal formation of character in our students. Essential to this is the role of boarding. In the Lower School, the focus for pastoral care is on the class teachers, but from Year 6, when students enter the Upper School, pastoral care is centred on the boarding Houses. All boarders and day students are members of a House. We work hard at establishing strong bonds within the communities of our Houses and across the School, and the opportunities afforded by the “all through” nature of the School are considerable for both younger and older students.

Above all, we aim to ensure our students feel happy, secure and valued. It is important for prospective parents to realise that we are looking for students with the aptitude, ability and personality to make the most of the opportunities at Harrow International School Hong Kong. And through our scholarship programme, we are looking to attract outstanding students who have the potential to act as significant leaders and raise the bar for other students in academic work, cultural activities and sport in the School, irrespective of their parents’ financial circumstances.

These are early days in the School’s history, but we are delighted to be able to enhance the educational choice available to parents in Hong Kong. Our current parents and students already appreciate the high quality of teaching and learning that they see and experience. I do hope you will find this website informative and that you will gain a clear sense of what you can expect if you visit the School in the future. 

Last updated: 19 Aug 2016 13:28