Venue Hire

Harrow Hong Kong welcomes the external use of its facilities at times when such use does not interfere the operation of the School. The times when the School’s facilities may be available for external use are to a large extent determined by the boarding nature of the School, which has students and teachers (whose security, therefore, is important) living onsite and utilising facilities well outside normal day school hours through the School’s comprehensive extra-curricular and boarding programme. In addition, over the next few years, building improvement and construction works undertaken may have occasional short-term impacts on the availability of some facilities.

The School’s educational philosophy means that building local community links are important and shared activities between Harrow Hong Kong students and local schools and organisations have been actively developed since the School opened in September 2012. While such links will continue to be developed, external organisations may apply to host appropriate sporting, educational, charity and community events at the School.

Facilities Available

The following facilities are available for use:

  • Lecture Theatre
  • Sports Hall/Assembly Hall
  • Multipurpose Room (Large/Small)
  • Dance Studio
  • Classrooms
  • Swimming Pool
  • Astroturf
  • Tennis Courts
  • Dining Hall

It must be understood that entry to the School’s premises for any approved event will be strictly for the agreed facilities only: the School is quite a dispersed site and security arrangements will be required to ensure that external users only visit the agreed location(s) for their event(s).


Given the boarding nature of the School, the primary times when facilities may be available for external use will be in the Christmas, Easter and Summer breaks, the dates for which are published on the School websiteAt weekends, external use of facilities will be largely restricted to mutual events involving Harrow Hong Kong students and other schools or organisations.

Application deadline for venue hire
20 October – For using facilities during Christmas Break
31 January – For using facilities during Easter Break
31 May – For using facilities during Summer Break

(Late applications will not be considered.)

Application Procedures

  • The cost of hiring the School’s facilities listed above depends on the purpose and nature of the intended event. For any event, there are costs associated with security, cleaning, maintenance, and, where appropriate, ‘wear and tear’. Please refer to the Scale of Charges.
  • However, priority will be given wherever possible to local organisations in order to benefit the local community of which the School is a part of.
  • The Head Master may reduce or waive the hiring charges if he considers it appropriate, especially for charitable organisations.
  • The Venue Hire Policy and Terms and Conditions should be agreed and the Application Form for Venue Hire should be submitted to the Director of Operations through



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