Harrow International School Hong Kong is located in the Gold Coast area of the New Territories and its pupils come from a wide catchment area over the majority of Hong Kong.

It is accessed by road by the majority of its day pupils via Castle Peak Road, which connects to Tuen Mun, and then Tsing Ying Road.

Castle Peak Road can experience significant amounts of traffic congestion, especially on weekday mornings, and as the local area undergoes further  development and population growth over the next few years; parents, pupils and members of staff in the Harrow Hong Kong community share responsibility with other road users in the local area for the safety and efficiency of the road system in the area. The School will continue to work with the HKSARG Transport Department to investigate short, medium and long-term structural measures to enhance traffic efficiency in the local area.

The School encourages its day pupils whenever possible to take its bus service run by City Motors to travel to and from the School in order to make an effective contribution to alleviating traffic congestion in the local area as well as keeping daily traffic flow in, around and out of the School campus manageable as the School roll grows. Equally, it has implemented other measures to help in managing the number of vehicles which need to access the School campus.