Trips and Expeditions

Adventure starts early at Harrow Hong Kong and remains a key aspect of School life.

Each year in the Spring term, pupils in Years 1 to 9 attend an Adventure Camp. In the Pre-Prep School (Years 1 to 5) Adventure Camps and Sleepovers develop familiarity and confidence with new skills in the outdoor environment. In the Prep School (Years 6 to 8), pupils build on their foundation of confidence, solving problems collaboratively, learning new skills, in new environments for additional challenge, with a wider adventure option choice. 

These challenging and fun expeditions provide valuable learning experiences outside the academic classroom.  They also involve a service or ecological aspect to encourage pupils to reflect on their positive contribution to community or the environment. Pupils enjoy these trips, and all activities on camp are well within their capabilities, but they are encouraged to grow 'out of their comfort zone.'’ The camps present the opportunity for personal growth and increased resilience, when “facing challenges with determination”.

The following is a list of where pupils in the Upper School (Years 6 to 13) went in the 2018-19 academic year:

  1. Japan - Art Trip
  2. UK - University Tour
  3. China - Yao Minority Service Trip
  4. Singapore - THIMUN Conference
  5. Thailand - Boys' Rugby Tour
  6. Singapore - Girls' Rugby Tour
  7. Vietnam - History Trip
  8. The Netherlands - THUMUN The Hague Conference
  9. Fuji - Adventure Trip
  10. Japan - Ski Trip
  11. Uganda - Safari and Gorilla Tracking
  12. India - Service Trip
  13. Madagascar - Adventure and Service
  14. The Netherlands - Football Tour

Trips and Expeditions at Harrow Hong Kong