Sport is, quite simply, a tremendous medium through which the School’s Leadership for a better world attributes can be developed.

Harrow Hong Kong’s philosophy for Sport has a number of areas of focus: the pursuit of excellence through personal improvement and teamwork; ethical and responsible behaviour; adherence to the spirit and meaning of rules; leadership, strength of character and sportsmanship: respect for one’s opponents; acceptance of victory with humility and acknowledgement of defeat with grace. In order to develop such qualities through sport, children have to enjoy it and participate as widely as possible, particularly when they are young. In all training sessions, the School’s sports coaches make sure that the balance is kept between rigour and fun, with a focus on competing, but winning or losing in the right way.

Pupils are expected to develop a desire to play the sport of their choice and maximise their sporting potential. This is done by providing up to three terms of their chosen sports. This offers sport for all, but also focuses on developing the elite performance of each and every individual. Eight excellent full-time Physical Education staff and many external specialist coaches are also employed for the programme.  There are additional activities such as Taekwondo, Yoga, Riding, Tennis and Ballroom Dancing on the ECA programme, and it is possible to take Dance ISTD exams at Harrow Hong Kong.

The excellent facilities at the School include a full-sized 4G astro-turf rugby and football pitch, and a double indoor Sports Hall which hosts two basketball courts, eight badminton courts, volleyball and a stage space for fencing lanes. There are also four tennis courts, three netball courts, an outdoor volleyball court, a fitness suite with free weights, machine weights and cardio vascular machines, a dance studio and an indoor competition swimming pool.