Pre-Prep (Years 1-5)

The Pre-Prep curriculum is both fun and challenging. A bespoke plan is created by the Lower School teachers at the beginning of each year.

Broadly speaking, the year is divided into six half-termly ‘Themes’ that drive the focus of the curriculum. The class teacher teaches a vast majority of the curriculum. English and Mathematics are taught both as discrete subjects and as linked units to the half-termly Theme work.

Teachers ensure their teaching is exciting and engaging, using creative “Hooks to Learning” for themes which have included:  Trips to a container ship, a visit to school from Rainforest animals, an African Drumming workshop, a Chinese Shadow Puppet theatre company, marmalade footprints left by Paddington Bear and the discovery of a giant dinosaur egg in the playground.

Each class in the Pre-Prep School receives specialist teaching in Music, Swimming, Chinese and a further language option of French or Spanish from Year 3.


Year 1-5 Information Booklet