Meet the Year Leaders

Year 1

Mrs. Charlotte Durrant, 1W Class Teacher and Year 1 Leader

Mrs. Durrant graduated as a primary school teacher in 1997 from St Mary’s University, Twickenham. After an exciting career working in a range of primary schools across the UK, she moved to Hong Kong in 2012 to join the founding members of staff at Harrow Hong Kong.  Mrs. Durrant has spent the last five years as a Class Teacher and Year Group Leader, firstly in Year 2 and now in Year 1.

Year 2

Mrs. Naomi Taggart, 2W Class Teacher and Year 2 Leader

Mrs. Taggart holds a BA (Hons) with QTS in Early Years Education from Edge Hill University. Her teaching career to date has included posts in England, Northern Ireland and Italy.  Mrs. Taggart was appointed as Year 4 class teacher at Harrow Hong Kong in August 2014.  She subsequently moved on to become Year 1 Leader and is now the Leader of Year 2.

Year 3

Mrs. Joanne Moss, 3W Class Teacher and Year 3 Leader

Mrs. Moss holds a degree in English and Geography from Maynooth University, Ireland, as well as a PGCE in teaching from the University of Edinburgh.  Her teaching career to date has included posts in Ireland, Edinburgh and the Middle East.  Mrs. Moss joined Harrow School in August 2014 as a class teacher and was appointed Year 3 Leader in 2016.

Year 4

Miss Jenni Lamb, 4W Class Teacher and Year 4 Leader

Miss Lamb holds a BA degree in Primary Education (5-11 years) from Brighton University.  Her teaching career to date has included posts in a variety of settings in England.  She received her AST (Advanced Skills Teacher) accreditation in 2009 and was an Assistant Head Teacher for three years prior to her move to Hong Kong.  Miss Lamb was appointed as Year 4 Year Group Leader at Harrow Hong Kong in August 2016.

Year 5

Mr. Gary Hancock, 5W Class Teacher and Year 5 Leader

Mr. Hancock holds a BA (Hons) degree in Education Studies with Sports Studies from the University of Derby and a PGCE from the University of East Anglia.  His teaching career to date has included posts in England, China, Thailand and Hong Kong. Mr. Hancock joined Harrow Hong Kong in 2015 and was appointed as Leader of Year 5 in August 2016.  He also sits on the Harrow Hong Kong Conditions of Service Committee.  In his previous schools, Mr. Hancock held posts such as Head of Primary Mathematics, Head of Year and KS2 SENCO.