Facing Challenges

The Facing Challenges programme at Harrow Hong Kong seeks to encourage and develop resilience amongst its pupils. Our pupils face a variety of personal challenges in their everyday lives.

Health, social, economic and academic issues can all prove to be obstacles that prevent them from realising their potential or affect their wellbeing. The Facing Challenges programme aims to develop resilient individuals who embody the leadership attributes – dealing with problems positively and always looking for the solutions to any setback.

The Facing Challenges programme, therefore, is one of the cornerstones of our pastoral education provision. The background of positive psychology, which underpins so much of what we do in the School, has been central in the creation of our resources for this programme, in which the sessions aim to be interactive and practical.

In the Pre-Prep School, rather than teaching these topics through Theme lessons, a discrete lesson has been introduced as ‘House Time’, to mirror the principle and philosophy of the Upper School House Discussion meetings. Topics such as wellbeing, active listening and growth mindset are all explored, and pupils are required to actively model and develop these concepts.