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5 Fun Family Activities for Kids in HK

With the changes in the world over the past few years, some families might find it difficult to find family-friendly activities for everyone. This can be especially true if you live in or are visiting a large city. For anyone looking for fun family activities to enjoy while in Hong Kong, you’ll discover that there’s more fun than you might think in the bustling, modern city.

Hong Kong has so many different activities available for kids and adults alike. In fact, some people claim that they can experience something new whenever they look for something interesting to do as a family. Here are 5 activity ideas to get you started.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

The most well-known option for a family trip would have to be Hong Kong Disneyland. Even if you’ve been to other Disney-themed parks around the world, this location is considered more intimate with shorter lines and diversity. It’s so diverse that instructions throughout the park are spoken in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

If you’re short on time, consider using the Hong Kong Disneyland app and take advantage of a three-hour VIP tour of the park. This is great if you want to get a taste of what the park offers and make plans to come back for a longer visit.

2. Ocean Park HK

If you love animals and having fun with your family, a great place to visit is the aquatic-themed Ocean Park. The location has been described as a perfect blend of rides and animal encounters.

Located on the South side of the island, the location consists of two separate parts. An upper and lower level are linked by a sky tram while a submarine-themed train travels through mountains to get to the other side.

The upper area of the park features rides for older children, the main show, and sea lions that you can feed fish to at predesignated times. The lower area contains a playground for younger children, an aquarium, and pandas.

3. Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History

While these two museums aren’t one and the same, they are located right next door to each other. This makes it possible for a full day of learning and fun without traveling from one museum to another. 

The Hong Kong Science Museum has over 500 different exhibits. This includes Cathay Pacific’s first DC3 that hangs breathtakingly from the ceiling.

Get the kids behind the wheel in a car simulator that they can steer to try and avoid accidents. Or take in the twenty-two-meter Energy Machine that has all kinds of effects to simulate energy in ways that keep kids entertained and educated.

When you’re done at the Science museum, walk next door to visit the history museum. The exhibits are what most people expect at a history museum, but there are some hands-on exhibits to keep the kids engaged.

Whatever the ages are in your family, there is plenty to learn about that makes a day at the museums something the kids will want to do again and again. And since they’re right next door to each other, there’s no reason not to give both a try in one day.

4. Hong Kong Unesco Global Geopark

If you have a budding geologist in your family or kids who love to explore, visiting the Unesco Global Geopark is a must when looking for an adventure. The eight sights that make up this area feature unique rock formations caused by the movement of the earth.

The park has volcanic columns, a 400-year-old village, sea arches, and more located in both the Sai Kung and NE New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region. If your family doesn’t do well with long hikes, Sai Kung is a good place to start. Sharp Island is also a good choice as it can be reached by small boat from the Sai Kung Pier.

5. Boating Fun

Hong Kong offers so many things’ families can do that are based around being on the water. Water surrounds this region making it the perfect place to explore both the coast and outlying areas.

Using different vessels to get your family to each destination can be half of the fun. Choose from the Star Ferry, Aqua luna, and Duk Ling to get yourself to where you want to go. If you have a family member with a sensitive stomach, keep in mind that seasickness is less likely to occur on a large boat, like a ferry. Smaller boats are known to cause more sea sickness than larger ones.

If you’re interested in local festivities, the island of Cheung Chau has an annual bun festival in May. At any other time of the year, Cheung Chau is known for a beautiful beach where you can enjoy the sun, sand, kayaking, and swimming.

Lamma Island is another one that can be interesting to visitors. Your family can take in the way a fishing village works, eat some fresh seafood and relax on the small beach.

Rounding Out Your Visit

When planning a visit to any family-oriented location around HK, you’ll never be without options for entertainment, food, and other comforts any family might need. Traditional cuisine, street food, Western food, and international dishes can all be easily found to help round out your day. 

If you find yourself in need of toiletries or other necessities, there’s no shortage of grocery stores and pharmacies in HK. If you’re not local or familiar with the language, don’t worry. The stores carry many recognizable western brands.

If you have a small child with you in Hong Kong, you should consider “babywearing” instead of using a stroller. There are areas where the walkways are uneven which means navigation can be difficult.

No matter what your needs or struggles are while you are spending a day in HK with your family, you are likely to find lots of unexpected help. People are often more than willing to help and may offer before you even know you need the hand.


These five fun activities for kids in HK are just scratching the surface of what families can enjoy together. From big theme parks to natural grounds, each outing will engage, inspire and captivate your entire family.