A pupil can be introduced to the concept of what an idea is and how to improve everyday inventions around them, from the age of three. As a result, this will see them sharing their own ideas and inventions on how to change the world.

A large part of the Harrow Horizons programme covers preparing our pupils for an ever-evolving, fast-paced world. Our pupils will require skills they don’t even know they need and some of the skills they possess, will be performed by artificial intelligence. Our goal is to enable our pupils to set themselves apart from everyone else.

We value entrepreneurship at Harrow Hong Kong and are the only school in Hong Kong to have a Director of Entrepreneurship who has created a series of bespoke programmes and initiatives geared towards helping pupils of all ages to think big, dream big and achieve their creative potential in the business world.

We understand that young people are passionate about topics close to their hearts and providing them with opportunities that enable them to think deeply about a problem and how to solve it, increases engagement both inside and outside the classroom. This naturally leads to making the community around them a better place and giving back to it in some shape or form; one of the main traits of being Harrovian. 


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