Speakers’ Forum

Speakers’ Forum

Our Speakers' Forum is designed to provide Upper School children the opportunity to hear from External Speakers to enrich their knowledge of interesting global issues, including those posed by Academic, Charity, Environmental, Ecological and Humanitarian contemporary topics. The forum also allows our pupils to connect with the pupil-nominated Charities and hear from people who have demonstrated the School Leadership Attributes in a real life context. Pupils are encouraged to ask questions and enter discussion.

Some of our guests who have recently led our Speakers’ Forum include:

  • The Girl Behind The Face

  • Sai Kung Stray Friends

  • Orbis International

  • Dr Michael Jones from Fortune Oil on climate change

  • Amy Wang – one of the architects who designed Harrow Hong Kong

  • Conservation International – where our pupils agreed to adopt a shark!

We also hosted our first virtual Speakers’ Forum over Zoom entitled ‘Leadership For A Better World’, led by guest speaker Andy Buck.

The Speakers’ Forum typically takes place on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.45pm – 5.45pm, although this can change depending on if and when a speaker is available. Letters will be sent out to parents, and pupils will receive information about the forthcoming speakers through their House Master or House Mistress, assemblies and the call over blog. To attend a Speakers’ Forum pupils must sign up in advance through their House Mistress or House Master. Parents are also very welcome to attend any of our talks and can reserve a place by emailing us_harrow_horizons@harrowschool.hk.

More information on the Speakers’ Forum will be released throughout the year, and although we do our best to plan the programme in advance, we also want to ensure we can accommodate any speakers who may be available with late notice.

Speakers' Forum Programme - Summer term 2021/2022



Thursday 28 April 2022

HK Law Society

Thursday 12 May 2022

Made of Millions

Tuesday 26 May 2022

Karina O' Carroll - Animals Asia

Wednesday 15 June 2022

Crisel Consunji - Actress