Scholarships and Bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

Harrow International School Hong Kong offers Scholarships to the brightest and most talented pupils in order to support, nurture and challenge their talent or academic prowess and dedication. We believe that Scholars will be role models and ambassadors that inspire other pupils, and that Scholars enhance and enrich the education and development of the School community.

scholarship is a financial award for excellence and its value may up to 20% of the School tuition fee.

 A bursary is a means-tested award for parents who could not otherwise afford the fees. Scholarship awards can be supported by bursary funding to help those who require further financial assistance to take up a place at the School and, therefore, enable the School to draw gifted pupils from all sections of the global community, irrespective of their parents’ financial circumstances. The parents of such pupils will be means-tested annually to determine the level of bursary support required, but it is possible to gain virtually full remission of fees through additional bursary support depending on need. In addition, honorary scholarships with no fee reduction may also sometimes be awarded to pupils in recognition of their achievements in the School.

Most bursaries are awarded prior to entry to Harrow International School Hong Kong, and are available from Year 6 upwards.

Information on fees for tuition, boarding and the Capital Levy is available on this website

For more information about the School’s Bursary scheme and application form, please contact the Director of Finance, Ms. Miranda Ng at


A Scholar at Harrow Hong Kong is likely to have natural ability and talent but, more importantly, he or she has a genuine love of learning and commitment to their subject. They regularly go ‘above and beyond’ in their work. You can see their passion and enthusiasm for learning and improving through the challenges they take on, the Super-Curriculum or Co-curricular activities they take part in, and the opportunities they seize for developing leadership. They might also have career aspirations in their specialism.

Our Scholarship Programme reflects our commitment to academic excellence and personal development, as well as the importance of leadership and being part of a community in which everyone thrives. The award is much more than a financial remission; aspects such as a mentor and a grant towards relevant resources or learning experiences, allow us to construct a personalised programme that works with our most able and talented pupils to better not only themselves but also those around them.

Chinese Scholarship

How to apply for the Chinese Scholarship:

The application form will require you to fill in some personal details and upload your portfolio documenting evidence of engagement in Chinese Culture.

 Before completing the form, you must be ready to complete the following: 

·         List your notable achievements that you wish to share from the last 5 years. 

·         Describe your current involvement with Chinese Language and Culture inside and outside of school. e.g. exhibitions, clubs, competitions etc. 

·         Explain below why you wish to be considered for a Chinese Scholarship.


The School offers bursaries to ensure that talented pupils, irrespective of their parents’/guardians’ income, are able to study at Harrow Hong Kong.  All prospective pupils are eligible to apply and bursaries can cover up to virtually the whole fee following a means-testing procedure. The Admissions Department should be informed at the application stage if parents would like their child considered for a bursary.

The granting of a bursary is discretionary, but only families with a relatively low household income are likely to receive bursary assistance. In making its decisions, the School considers a wide range of appropriate matters including, but not limited to, parental/guardian income (from all sources), assets (including personal property) and other matters that are particular to the pupil, such as family circumstances.  If parents indicate that they are likely to need bursary support, they will be asked to complete a strictly confidential form in order to assess their financial circumstances and establish the level of assistance that the School believes is required.  All bursaries are reassessed annually by means of a newly completed form and disclosure of up-to-date financial circumstances.

All pupils applying for a bursary are expected to satisfy the School’s academic entrance requirements and if the demand exceeds the number available, bursaries are awarded with reference to performance in the Entrance Examinations.

Pupils who receive bursaries may also apply to receive assistance with the funding of ‘extras’ such as uniform, Music instrument lessons and School trips.  The award of a bursary does not preclude pupils from holding a scholarship award.

To apply for a bursary, please email