Public examinations are just one dimension of academic life: unlike examination syllabuses, learning is limitless. Learning outside of the classroom is such an important part of a holistic and well-balanced education, helping to develop the whole child, preparing them for a world which is developing rapidly and in which having ‘human skills’ is vital.

At Harrow, we balance the rigour of carefully crafted examination preparation with the development of research skills and the ability to debate, communicate confidently, solve problems and think both critically and creatively. These skills have inherent, lifelong value and universities are always on the lookout for candidates who possess them. Our Super Curriculum Activities (SCA) Programme encapsulates all those activities that foster academic endeavour beyond the measurable outcomes of examination results. It includes (but is not limited to) wide and habitual reading, extended project work, debate, public speaking, research, competitions, lectures and study trips.

Through our SCA programme, pupils can work on a variety of leadership and enterprise opportunities which have been developed by our Entrepreneur in Residence, David Harkin from the company 8 Billion Ideas. There are also a variety of SCA opportunities which promote leadership and charity.

We encourage our pupils to look carefully at our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) SCA offer. There is a range of exciting SCAs which aims to enhance our pupils’ critical thinking skills, confidence, collaboration skills and problem-solving, as well as allowing them to recognise the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering and Maths. Jobs in the various sectors of STEAM are increasing at a rapid speed globally and it is important we prepare our pupils for these fields of work.

We have also introduced some new SCAs this year which focus on wellbeing. We believe it is important for pupils to understand how to look after their mental health, just like we learn how to look after our physical health. By learning how to protect our wellbeing and build resilience, pupils can take control of any situation they find themselves in and thrive. Good wellbeing on leaving school is as important and has just as much impact on life outcomes as exam success.

At Harrow Hong Kong, we believe in our SCA programme, and the added qualities that it can develop in a pupil so strongly, that we have made it part of the School day. Please take some time to discuss the SCA options with your child for the next term, reflecting on the activities which may have already been undertaken and considering which activities will stretch and challenge your son or daughter moving forward. We do suggest that your child only selects one sporting option each term to ensure they take full opportunity of the broad and diverse range of activities on offer.