Weather Information


The rainy season in Hong Kong usually runs from April to September, and in severe weather conditions the School adheres to official public announcements from the Hong Kong Observatory and the Education Bureau.

Broadcasts are usually announced on both radio and television by 6.15am and are repeated at regular and frequent intervals throughout the day. The updates will also be posted on this webpage, the School app and on the Engage portal.

Parents are advised to refer to the parent portal about the arrangements, which apply in all cases except when pupils are taking external examinations.

Pupils, parents and staff should check the government’s announcements regularly, but if you have any enquiries, please contact the respective House Masters/House Mistresses or Classroom Teachers if needed.


The Air Pollution Index is checked twice a day in the morning and afternoon. The School follows the guidelines set out by the Education Department, which stipulate the nature of activities that can take place and their intensity, at certain air pollution levels. Parents and pupils are again encouraged to contact their respective House Master/House Mistress or Classroom Teacher if there is a concern.