Vision, Mission and Values

Vision, Mission and Values

The School’s vision is for pupils at Harrow Hong Kong to not only achieve outstanding academic results, but also develop the motivation, skills and determination to make a positive difference to the world in which they live.

Leadership, of course, is a very Harrovian quality and some of the great Old Harrovians, such as Winston Churchill, Nehru and King Hussein of Jordan are renowned for providing profound leadership at significant points in modern history. Educational excellence for life and leadership aims to equip and challenge Harrow Hong Kong pupils to use their knowledge, skills and talents to make life better for other people in their community. 

With input from teachers, pupils and parents, a social vision statement was created to outline the expectations of how members of the School community are expected to treat each other.

“A caring, respectful community in which everybody thrives.”

This Social Vision statement goes to the heart of the Leadership attributes and the modelling of them in the Harrow Hong Kong community. It also provides a framework for teachers, pupils and parents in their interactions with each other. 

The School’s mission is to promote Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership through an outstanding education that blends elements of philosophy, practice and tradition from Harrow School with an awareness of the cultural context of Hong Kong and the needs of its international community.

While inextricably linked, the key characteristics are:

  • High levels of academic achievement with significant value-added academic performance, leading to top public examination results and entry to prestigious universities across the world.
  • A diverse, high quality Leadership in Action programme that inspires a desire for excellence and a breadth of activities. Distinctively, it includes the Super-Curriculum, which is integrated into the School timetable for all pupils, supported by opportunities for further enrichment outside the timetable.
  • High quality pastoral care that, with a strong boarding ethos and House system at its heart, promotes an inclusive School community in which its members feel happy, secure and valued, and that places emphasis on the personal formation of the character of each pupil. Supporting this is a bespoke personal, social and health education programme called Facing Challenges that encourages the development of resilience and a positive, solution-focused approach to any challenge.

Harrow Hong Kong aims to embed opportunities for each pupil to acquire the Leadership attributes in all aspects of School life, including the types of learning experiences that teachers prepare for pupils in the classroom, the academic curriculum itself, the Leadership in Action programme, and opportunities to take on leadership roles both within and outside the School community.

The School’s mission is underpinned by a moral purpose; to act with integrity and commitment at all times in supporting the development of pupils to achieve their potential, and enabling teaching staff and pupils to achieve outstanding results across a broad curriculum.

Core values:

  • Honour
    • We keep our promises.
    • We act with integrity – doing the right thing, even when it is difficult or when no one is watching.
    • We respect and value our traditions whilst setting them in the context of today.
  • Courage
    • We remain optimistic and purposeful in a disrupted world.
    • We take responsibilities for our decisions, even the hard ones.
    • We always challenge poor behaviour in ourselves and others.
    • We are open to new ideas, and seek fresh challenges.
  • Humility
    • We work hard to serve others within the School and across our wider communities where possible putting their interests before our own. 
    • We give and seek honest and appropriate feedback, reflect on our failures and learn from them.
    • We support each other through challenges and whatever the outcome, we celebrate those that took part.
  • Fellowship
    • We respect each other and value our differences, knowing that we are more effective and more resilient working together.
    • We are kind and inclusive, we value the contribution that each of us makes.
    • We role model the behaviours that we would like to see in others; we ask only of others what we would be prepared to do ourselves.