The first days and years of a child’s school career are special and we believe that the excellent environment we have at Harrow Hong Kong provides the right amount of support and challenge to meet the personalised needs of every pupil. 

During your time with us we aim for pupils in the Early Years to develop their independence and confidence in all areas. We create an environment where pupils feel safe, secure, happy and motivated to learn through a variety of stimulating and challenging experiences which develop the whole child in line with our School values of honour, humility, courage and fellowship. 

We believe that young pupils learn the skills and knowledge they need for life through play. When pupils direct their own learning they figure how the world works out for themselves, take calculated risks and find innovative ways to think about the world around them. Pupils learn to overcome obstacles, solve problems, communicate their needs and feelings effectively and work independently and as part of a team. 

At Harrow Hong Kong we are especially proud of the environments we create, which encourage investigation and exploration to take place. Our resources are open ended, reflect real life and are organised to enable our pupils to access them independently. 

Mr Chris Russell
Assistant Head (Early Years)

Early Years Leader

Ms. Rebecca Woods (University of Sheffield) from Kings’ School Al Barsha, Dubai

Ms Woods studied Music at the University of Sheffield before completing her Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Northumbria University, Newcastle. She taught in the UK for 3 years before moving to Kings’ School Dubai where she was in the Early Years. Ms Woods has been at Harrow Hong Kong for the past 5 years, teaching across all key stages in the Lower School.

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