Our pastoral facilities at Harrow Hong Kong allow our pupils and staff to operate effectively within a safe environment on a day to day basis but also provide them with the space and knowledge to take responsibility for their own self care. Regular Health and Safety checks are undertaken to ensure that the learning environment is safe for all, complies with regulations and that we are continually looking for and identifying areas where we can improve our offering.


If an army marches on its stomach, the same is true of the brains and bodies of both our pupils and staff. We have two fully equipped canteens at Harrow Hong Kong, which provide three square meals a day in order to fuel our community. The provision of high quality, nutritious and appetising food is one of the most important, and challenging, aspects of our day-to-day operations and one that is afforded a considerable amount of resources as a result. Regular meetings are held between the Senior Leadership Team and the catering company, we consult regularly with the pupils, surveying their opinions on the offering and endeavour to implement their suggestions where possible. Each House has a food ‘representative’ who collates comments from the House and who can liaise with the Food and Nutrition Prefect, again with a view to passing on feedback. Parents also have the opportunity to offer their comments through the House Parent Representatives and ultimately their meetings with the SLT on a termly basis.


On site, we have a fully staffed Health Care Centre that is open twenty-four hours a day during term time. This facility tends to our pupils’ medical needs such as the administering of medication. It is also able to provide primary care and has a number of beds in order to allow pupils to remain for observation, overnight if necessary. The HCC will triage pupils when they arrive for assessment, administer basic first aid and will determine and coordinate hospital trips where necessary. In addition, throughout the year, they offer a range of helath care services to our pupils which include a full suite of vaccination programmes, eye and hearing tests (both of which are complimented by specialist follow-ups if required), a dental and oral check of our younger pupils and a Body Mass Index assessment. They also have the ability to conduct the Ask-Suicide Questionnaire (ASQ) risk asessment which helps to protect our most vulnerable pupils and they will also undertake medical training for relevant staff on the use of epi-pens, managing seizures and other pertinent issues that may be evident in the School at a given time.


The ‘Neil Armstrong’ Wellbeing Room is a new addition to Harrow Hong Kong and utilises a large space next to the Health Care Centre. It was designed in consultation with both pupils and matrons and is the base for our Wellbeing Ambassadors during the course of the School day who can be approached as and when required. It is dedicated to providing a place of calm within the School. This specially designed and decorated room can be used by pupils for the purposes of rest and recuperation when they are free throughout the day and contains a variety of resources to support them in this endeavour. The Matrons also have a dedicated corner of this facility in which they base themselves and which in turn allows pupils to contact them throughout the day, as and when required.