Policies and Codes of Conduct


Through those undertakings already cited, we endeavour to educate our pupils as to what is an acceptable standard of behaviour here at Harrow Hong Kong and we encourage them always to contribute positively to our community. However, as is inevitable in life and the journey that is growing up, there are transgressions and we have a clear and robust behavioural policy that takes a restorative approach to returning balance to any given sitution. The School employs ‘Spots’ to log any behaviour of concern for future reference and Demerits’ for more serious incidents that require some form of intervention, be that a piece of Reflective Written Work that endeavours to capture the steps that lead to a given transgression and what can be learned from it, or a possible meeting with parents to discuss our concerns further. In all cases your child’s
HM will be directly involved and will be the usual and main point of contact about any behavioural concerns.

Of course, in any restorative policy, balance is key and whilst Spots and Demerits exist, we have ways and means of recognising positive contributions to the School. Merits and Send-Ups are therefore awarded in order to acknowledge positive actions within the comunity pertaining to one of our four core values. Merits are normally awarded for effort whilst Send-Ups usually relate to excellent levels of attainment. We even have a Head’s Send-Up, which is awarded for the highest standards of behaviour and achievement and which will result in the pupil receiving the accolade of meeting with the Head in person to discuss their contribution. All of our awards are recorded cerntrally and feed into a variety of competitions and certifications that recognise the continued and sustained achievement of our pupils as individuals or as part
of a House over the course of a given term and the academic year as a whole.


The School places a great deal of empahsis on three key codes of conduct pertaining to Bullying, the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and finally, Academic Honesty. Each of these policies is discussed in tutor groups at the start of the acadmeic year and each pupil is in turn asked to sign a declaration stating that they understand these documents and that they will endeavour to adhere to them throughout their time at School. More often than not, the majority of discipline issues that we encounter are covered by one of these three codes and they therefore play a central role in our restorative conversations with the pupils. Copies of these documents, with an explanatory letter, are also sent to parents early in the academic year. Firstly, to provide them with the opportunity to discuss the expectations with their children, but also to encourage that whole school approach to pastoral care that was mentioned earlier and as a means of ensuring parity between School and home on these issues.