Charity and Community Service

At Harrow Hong Kong, we consider charitable and community service as a fundamental principle of our pupils’ leadership education.

The School provides pupils with many opportunities to work selflessly for the betterment of others, to nurture compassionate leaders. There is an expectation that pupils demonstrate a willingness to give their time and effort to benefit another individual or group, without expectation of reward or return. 

At Harrow Hong Kong, the pupils and Houses have great ownership on their charity fundraising. Each Prep School House is paired up with a Senior House, and pupils nominate and vote for their House charity for the following academic year.  Each House pairing has a fundraising focus which includes humanitarian, environmental and animal, local and international charities. Each House also donates a percentage of its fundraising to our permanent School charity, The Crossroads Foundation.

Another of the events organised throughout the year is a charitable tradition adopted from Harrow School in the UK, which also takes place at Harrow Hong Kong, the Long Ducker.