Drama is a key component of the wider education offered at Harrow Hong Kong.

It encompasses all of the Leadership Attributes, while also equipping pupils with key skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

In the Lower School, pupils learn Drama skills through literacy and other curriculum areas; there are also many opportunities for pupils to get involved in performances, from class assemblies to the annual showcase that is the Year 5 Play.

In Years 6-9, pupils learn Drama as part of the curriculum, receiving one lesson each week. During these lessons, they continue to develop their confidence, creativity and collaborative skills, while simultaneously learning about a range of different genres, issues and practitioners. Pupils in the Upper School have numerous chances to get involved in Co-Curricular Drama activities; two major productions are performed each year and there are an increasing number of smaller performance events. This includes Prep School production, Sixth Form production and a musical production. There is also the opportunity for pupils to improve their technical theatre skills and design props for the productions.

The School is a member of the International Schools Theatre Association, which enables us to offer such exciting opportunities as short-term artists-in-residence and regular trips to Drama festivals around Asia. Frequent trips are run to see high quality professional theatre being performed in Hong Kong. There is also the chance to sit LAMDA exams in Acting and Musical Theatre at Harrow Hong Kong.