The House System

The House System has been fully developed throughout the School and is arguably the most distinctive characteristic of Harrow in Hong Kong and is central to the sense of community and atmosphere in the School. Whilst the ‘vertical’ pastoral structure (where pupils of different ages are grouped together in our Prep and Senior Houses) is a key component of the Harrow boarding ethos.

Nurtured by the commitment and collective experience of the House Masters and House Mistresses and their teams, Harrow pupils quickly embrace the benefits of the House unit and it is not an exaggeration that the impacts on personal development can sometimes be life changing. Our Houses are effectively family units with responsibilities falling to older pupils to care for and support younger pupils. 

For boarders, the daily challenge of living with other people offers the ideal opportunity to learn about one’s self, to forge relationships with others and to develop the intricacies of human interaction. We have quickly seen the development of close-knit House communities characterised by strong bonds and support networks within each House as well as loyalty to it. When it comes to the numerous competitions between the Houses that are taking place in a growing range of activities, it finds expression in a healthy competitive spirit.

The House Master or House Mistress who is best placed to provide parents with updates about how their child is doing academically, in their co-curricular pursuits and in terms of their personal development.