Language and Learning

Language and Learning

The Language and Learning (LAL) department is a whole-school department that provides support to any pupils from Years 1 to 13 who may benefit from additional English input to thrive in their academic pursuit and in the wider School community.

The department employs English as an Additional Language (EAL) strategies, scaffolding and modifications, so that pupils can learn in, and through, English whilst they are still developing their skills. By linguistically unpacking some mainstream lessons, teachers aim to ensure the success of the child is not solely related to their linguistic ability, but also their understanding of the content. LAL pupils will develop the language skills, learning strategies and cultural awareness needed to be successful.

Programme Structure

In the Lower School, the department works with Class Teachers and specialists to provide extra language input. Pupils learn through a variety of language activities, such as storytelling and language games.

In the Prep School, the focus is on building pupils’ confidence in their English language skills and understanding, whilst also supporting their work in other academic subjects, notably English Literature, History, Geography and Philosophy and Religious Studies.

To prepare pupils for the GCSE examinations, there is a further emphasis on consolidating academic English strengths, assisting them in getting international qualifications and preparing them for the challenging Upper School curriculum.

LAL in the Sixth Form develops pupils’ English language for life after Harrow. While the Year 12 course focuses on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Year 13 pupils receive guidance on preparing their personal statement, university essay writing and university interview.