Parental Involvement


One of the cornerstones of a whole school approach to pastoral care is the importance of engaging parents. The School tries to achieve this in a number of ways. First and foremost, through those regular lines of communication between parents and staff, in particular the HM and members of the HPT, about the wellbeing of their child. In addition, more general notifications for the attention of the parent body about pastoral developments and undertakings are issued through the School’s consolidated communications on a twice weekly basis. Similarly, there are also fortnightly newsletters that Houses issue to the parents of pupils within their community. Finally, parent information evenings are also held at the start of the academic year which offer up information on what is to follow in the coming months.


Each House will also call for ‘Parent Representatives’ at the start of each academic year, the intention being that there will be one parent per year group in that House. These representatives are intended to provide a manageable means of facilitating communication between the parents and the HMs.

Parent Reps play an important role in developing the community spirit within the School and as part of their role, are asked to assist in the organisation of House social events each term. These events help to develop the camaraderie between the different stakeholders in pupil pastoral care, and to develop a relationship between parents and members of the HPT.

To further support the relationship, once per term the parents are invited to provide their House reps with any views that they feel need to be raised with the School’s SLT. The nominated representatives will then discuss these issues with a member of the School’s leadership at a designated meeting, which fuels the development of the School procedures and practices going forward.


Parents are also able to represent the views of their peer group at the PGCG. This allows parents to voice their opinions about the School to members of the governing team, and in turn helps the School to engage its stakeholders and to drive its provision forward with their views in mind.

Stella, Keller House

“Having accessible support for not only my academics but for my overall well-being has really made me feel valued in this community.”