Outside the classroom a wide variety of art-based activities are offered as part of the SCA programme.

These activities provide a chance for exploration and experimentation with a range of visual mediums outside of the academic setting and encourage pupils to problem solve and collaborate on large scale projects. Activities include learning to spray paint, photography, printing, paint a mural, silk scarf painting, anime and graphic novels, animation and extreme doodling. Options are provided for both Prep and Senior each term and are open to all pupils even if they do not take Art at GCSE or A-Level. In addition, the Art department is involved with the annual community day with other local schools and, since 2014, has held Live Art inter-House and inter-school competitions.

2020 Virtual Winter Showcase

The Art department is delighted to present this year’s Winter Showcase, an exhibition celebrating and appreciating the diverse range of skills and ideas our pupils have put forth with determination over the Autumn Term. 

Although social distancing restrictions within the art studios have been in place throughout the term, pupils from Year 6 – Year 13 have demonstrated so much perseverance and adapted to the many changes in their learning and practical work. This exhibition highlights their open-mindedness to combining unconventional and traditional media and art making approaches to communicate their artistic intention. The Art department is extremely impressed with the array of work that has been produced within just a few months. We would like to invite everyone in the Harrow community and the public to take a virtual tour of this exhibition and enjoy the beautiful and thought-provoking works created by our pupils. 


Our Summer exhibition brings together over 60 works and is testament to the diversity of projects, outcomes and personal portfolios being produced by our talented pupils. Spanning 7 years groups within our Senior school, the show highlights both incredible skill and the imaginative approach that our pupils bring to their artistic endeavours.