Counselling Services


Harrow Hong Kong is fortunate enough to have its own in-house psychological provision and counselling support that is open to all of our pupils. Heading this service is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist with a wealth of experience in dealing with the full spectrum of cases that we might expect to see emerge within the School environment. The School Psychologist is an essential source of advice for our HMs and SLT when dealing with any case that may require their attention. The psychologist will liaise directly with all stakeholders involved in a given case including staff, the pupil themselves and their family, before triaging the situation according to its severity. Thereafter they will coordinate the development of a care plan which will advise all involved of the process for assisting the pupil going forward. The School Psychologist may lead the treatment of some of the more complex cases personally, as well as managing a team of counsellors who also undertake therapy with our pupils who need assistance.




Currently the School has one full time counsellor, a trainee counsellor attached from the University of Hong Kong, and two ‘Youth Wellbeing Practitioners’ who have been trained via a pioneering initiative led by Mind HK. These professionals provide the School with a range of multilingual options when looking to support our pupils.

Collectively, the respective skills sets of our counselling team, allow us to facilitate sessions in English, Canotnese and Mandarin.




The School Psychologist’s experience and knowledge is not just directed at assisting our pupils. Throughout the year they provide a series of parenting talks aimed at exploring the latest advice on child development and which cover topics such as key regulating emotions and navigating the use of social media. Details of these talks will be disseminated by the School well in advance, and link with the School’s overall pastoral provision by means of the ‘Road Map’ (located at the end of this brochure)

Vienna, Keller House

“Pastoral care at Harrow makes me feel at home. Our Tutor, HM, Wellbeing Ambassadors and teachers all support us every step of the way. The extensive care we are given from University applications to personal problems guides us to become resilient and nurturing individuals.”