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A Plastic Ocean Film Director Craig Lesson Visits School

On 25 April, film director Craig Leeson visited Harrow Hong Kong and talked to the Prep School and Year 9 students about his thought-provoking film A Plastic Ocean. In an age where there are increasing threats to our environment, the images of so much plastic in the oceans and inside animals’ bodies certainly made us more conscious of our responsibilities. During the talk, Mr Leeson explained why he was so passionate about protecting our oceans from waste plastic and discussed the science behind the film and his hopes for a future which involves no single use plastic (plastic bags, cutlery and food containers). The students were shocked by the images and many of them have prompted a change in attitude towards single-use plastic. The School’s partnership with the Hong Kong charity, Plastic Free Seas, has also brought the School community more knowledge of how we can reduce unnecessary waste to lessen any negative impact on the environment.