Admissions Process

Harrow International School Hong Kong is a selective school, which seeks to admit those pupils with the aptitude, ability and personality who are most likely to thrive in and contribute to its diverse international community.

The School’s vision statement Leadership for a better world and its Boarding ethos strongly influence the key areas of emphasis in the School and, therefore, the factors that are important in its admissions procedures and decision-making about which pupils to admit. They are:

  • Academic ability.
  • Commitment to a broad range of co-curricular activities.
  • Developing relationships in and around the School community.
  • Alignment with the School’s ethos.

Given the diversity of nationalities and first languages among its pupil body, English is the only inclusive language of the School and applicants need to be proficient in it in order to access the full range of the curriculum and the community. The School’s admissions procedures, therefore, evaluate the current level of proficiency in English of all applicants in an age-appropriate way in order to assess their ability to access the curriculum.