Key Dates

Age Guidelines

Please refer to the age guidelines for the appropriate year of entry.

Entry in August 2020

Entry is open for all year groups.  Please note deadlines for applications.

Admissions Timeline For August 2020 Entry:
Year Group Application Deadline Assessment Dates
K1 (3+ years) 1st November 2019 5th, 6th & 7th February 2020
K2 (4+ years) 1st November 2019 26th, 28th & 29th November 2019
Year 1 (5+ years) 1st October 2019 9th November 2019
Year 2 (6+ years) 1st November 2019 18th January 2020
Year 3 (7+ years) 1st November 2019 10th, 11th & 18th February 2020
Year 4 (8+ years) 1st November 2019 7th & 13th January 2020
Year 5 (9+ years) 1st November 2019 21st & 22nd November 2019
Year 6 (10+ years) 1st November 2019 5th, 12th & 14th November 2019
Year 7 (11+ years) 1st November 2019 15th & 21st January 2020
Year 8 (12+ years) 1st November 2019 4th & 11th December 2019
Year 9 (13+ years) 1st November 2019 27th November & 3rd December 2019
Year 10 (14+ years) 1st November 2019 9th December 2019
Sixth Form (16+ years) 1st November 2019
(Ongoing applications will be considered for exceptional pupils)
29th October, 6th December 2019 & Spring Term 2020

Applications from strong pupils after the published deadlines will be considered subject to places being available, especially if applicants are from overseas and do not have a place in a school in Hong Kong.

There are a number of important guiding principles that influence the admissions procedures:

  • The Education Bureau stipulates 50% of places can be given to local pupils with Hong Kong passports and 50% of all pupils in the Upper School (from Year 6 and above) must be weekly boarders. The School will, therefore, consider applications from pupils re-locating to Hong Kong from overseas after the published deadlines.
  • Applications from pupils from Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan are considered if their parents have Hong Kong residency and the necessary supporting documentation (such pupils are then deemed to be local Hong Kong pupils) or if the pupil holds an additional overseas passport eligible for entry to Hong Kong.
  • English proficiency is necessary in order to access the full range of the curriculum, and to be able to contribute positively to the School community.
  • The School requires a balance between boarders and day pupils, as well as boys and girls in each year group.
  • Apart from in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Head, the School does not normally accept pupils into Years 11 and 13.