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Author Visit – Jan Latta

In an event that was organised by the Library, Year 1 and Year 2 students had a unique opportunity to meet an adventurous author who often risks her life to create books for children about endangered animals.

On Tuesday 1 March 2016, Jan Latta spoke about her adventures whilst researching and taking photos of endangered animals.  Ms Latta’s fourteen books have taken her to Africa, Borneo, China, India, Sri Lanka and Uganda to photograph elephants, orang-utans, pandas, tigers, leopards, chimpanzees and other endangered animals in their natural habitats.

Ms Latta has spent over 22 years creating her books that are full of marvellous photographs, interesting facts, maps and fun activities.  She has been sharing her adventures with students for over ten years, spreading the message about saving the environment and educating children about endangered animals. The students thoroughly enjoyed watching her videos and asked many interesting questions.