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European U17 Fencing Championship

Terence Lee (Y12, Peel) represented Hong Kong to participate in the European U17 Fencing Championship in London on 29 October 2016. He wrote an account of the experience:

Before the competition, I had the honour of receiving a few days of training at the University of Cambridge, and I believe that this helped me to prepare for the competition. When I arrived at the arena I was instantly overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Everyone was a lot taller than me and I was one of the few Asian people in the competition. It was very much an international tournament and I had the privilege of competing with fencers from all around the world. There were a total of 150 fencers from countries like the USA, Italy and Hungary. I fenced a total of 13 matches against fencers from Spain, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Germany, France and Canada. I was seeded number 23 after the poule in which I won 5 matches and lost 1. After six hours of intense bouts, I finally qualified for the semi-final having won against five fencers from UK, two from Germany, one from France, and one from Canada. Out of all these matches, it was the quarter-final against the number one UK fencer that was particularly closely fought. We were tied at 13-13, and we both needed two more points to get into the semi-final. Fortunately, I took the chance and won the match 15-13. In the semi-final I lost to another fencer from Canada 15-10. He was more experienced than me and he had a clear advantage with his height. Unfortunately, I had to settle for a bronze medal. This was my first ever medal in Europe and it was definitely the most difficult and challenging tournament in which I have participated so far. However, I am ambitious and I want to do even better now. I intend to get back into my usual training routine to prepare myself for the upcoming Asian Fencing Championship in Thailand and World Fencing Championships in Bulgaria.