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Excellent Results in British Mathematical Olympiad

The A2 Physics Challenge Competition, run by the British Physics Olympiad, is designed to stretch and challenge talented young physicists, who are taking Physics at A-level standard. The Competition is based on a 1 hour Paper. The questions in the paper require analysis of information to work out not only the answer, but also what route to take in order to take to obtain the answer.

Congratulations to the four students who received Merit awards: Lok Yan Cheng (Y13, Wu), Charles Gai, Ronald Hsu (both Y13, Sun), Rose Wang (Y13, Gellhorn).

There have also been impressive results in the British Mathematical Olympiad which was sat on Friday 2 December. The students achieved some outstanding results.

Only around 1000 students internationally are invited to sit the first round of the British Mathematical Olympiad (based on their Senior Challenge result) so just getting this far is outstanding.

Those that took part were Lok Yan Cheng (Y13, Wu), Greg Chu (Y12, Peel), Sabrina Shi (Y12, Keller), Ken Zhang (Y12, Churchill) and Rose Wang (Y11, Gellhorn).  Ben Wang (Y12, Churchill) scored 42 over 60. He ranks in the top 25 percent among all participating students, receiving a certificate of distinction, a Bronze medal and he was named in the top 100 candidates.

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