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Harrow Hong Kong celebrates record-breaking GCSE 2019 results

Almost 90% of Harrow Hong Kong’s GCSE grades this year were a staggering 9-7/A*-A, with 75% at 9-8/A* and 51% of all grades at the highest level 9. The 9 is a new grade which has been established to reward the most able pupils and is limited to those gaining the top 3% of marks. To have over half of all results at this grade is phenomenal.

Almost a third of our pupils achieved nine 9s /A* grades or more and will be awarded honorary scholarships as they begin Year 12 at the School. We congratulate Haley, Andrew, Molly, Jett, Aaron, Luke, Ingrid, Anabelle, Sophie, Jasmin, Jarra, Benjamin, Sally, Keifer, Michelle and Cindy for their outstanding achievements; in particular Stephenie, Kevin, Hoi Kiu, Kayan, Serena, Yudhana, Julien, Dora and Michelle should be acclaimed for their clean sweep of grade 9s!

More than two thirds of our pupils achieved 9s in History, Mathematics and Physics, whilst more than 80% of all grades in Biology, Chinese Foreign Language, French, Physics and Spanish were 9-8. 

We had two sets of exceptional twins this year: Jarra and Yudhana, and Benjamin and Cooper, who achieved an amazing thirty three 9s, seven 8s and two A*s between them. 

“I am absolutely thrilled by our pupils’ performance.” said Head, Ms Ann Haydon. “These are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our pupils, and also the commitment and guidance of our teaching staff who regularly go above and beyond to support, encourage and help bring out the best in our pupils. These results prove that Harrow Hong Kong is a world-class school. 

“No pupil wakes up one day and achieves 9s and A*s without drive and motivation. Our GCSE pupils have achieved record-breaking results whilst immersing themselves in the 230+ Super-Curriculum and Co-Curricular activities that the School offers. Established in 2012, Harrow Hong Kong is the only International Boarding School in Hong Kong; the School offers weekly boarding. Pupils have access to academic Tutors and numerous post-school activities which enhance their academic performance, develop personal skills and prepare pupils to take up places at top universities across the world. All these elements combine to produce these outstanding results. I wish our pupils well as they move into Year 12, and I am excited to see them progress, lead and succeed as Sixth Formers.”