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Harrow Hong Kong Student Wins Second in Regional Skating Competition

Logan Higase-Chen (Y3) won a Silver Medal in the Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge in Beijing on 2-4 June 2017. It was the toughest test the eight-year-old girl has encountered in her figure skating career to date — After facing challenges with determination in the first half of the performance, Logan managed to fight herself back to finish in second place in her group.

Proud Father, Mr M. Chen, said, “Logan, who has never once fallen in competition, fell on her opening double jump combo. While she was still in shock, she pulled herself up and skated hard into her next double jump, but she fell again! What happened next was the proudest I have ever been of my daughter. She pulled herself up again, ice still coating the back of her costume, and skated the most inspired, beautiful minute of her life, landing every jump and spin perfectly the rest of the way. Afterwards off ice, she wiped away her tears and came out to cheer for her teammates. “

This shows not only the resilience of a young girl but also her love for her teammates. Logan’s classmate, Laila Tse, also flew all the way to Beijing to support her friend. Mrs K. Gower, Head of Lower School said, “We are proud of Logan and all her skating successes to date. We actively teach our students that to fail at something is also to learn, and that we must never give up. Logan embodies perfectly our School’s Leadership attributes. She is a role model to her fellow students, showing that if you never give up and always face your challenges, you can succeed.”