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Earlier this month, our students in Year 6-9 took part in an exciting off-screen entrepreneurship competition that we called HarrowIDEAS. The students were set a brief of generating and developing an idea that could change the world while going through 5 key steps. 

Over 400 students took part in the competition and the work was outstanding. The assessment team at 7billionideas had the greatest of pleasure of reviewing all of these ideas and attempting to select 1 from each year group that would become our finalists, before eventually 1 idea would win this competition and we would begin the process of turning the idea into a children’s book. 

After a tough decision, our four finalists are: Sophie (Y6 Nightingale), Thomas (Y7 Darwin), Jade (Y8 Fry) and Isabella (Y9 Wu).

To help generate some positive discussions and demonstrate the creativity of our students to the world, the way we will be selecting a winner is via an online poll. This poll will be open for 4th May to 7th May on Harrow’s social media pages (FacebookTwitter and Instagram). The winner will then be revealed on 8th May.

Please take a look at the ideas from our four finalists below and join in on the voting!

Sophie Y6 Nightingale

What’s my idea?

Pollution Away is a machine that will change the world. The idea is to create a machine that can hover over cities in the world sucking in polluted air, filtering it and pumping out clean air. It will allow the community to always be able to safely go outside and play or exercise.

How will this impact the world?

This will change the world by:

  • Reducing the impact of climate change by removing carbon particles. Climate change is the process of our planet warming up. Human activity has caused Earth to increase its temperature by 1 degree. This change will mean more extreme and unpredictable weather and some animals and humans may not be able to adapt to these changes.
  • Reducing air pollution worldwide. Air pollution is when unwanted chemicals, gasses, and particles enter the air and the atmosphere causing harm to animals and damaging the natural cycles of the Earth. Some are caused by nature like volcanoes and forest fires and others by humans such as factories, power plants, cars, airplanes and chemicals.
  • Increasing well-being allows people to be free and happy without air pollution concerns. Wellbeing is a feeling which is fundamental to our overall health allowing them to overcome difficulties and achieve their goals in life.

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

I think my idea should win Harrow Ideas because I really want to make a positive impact on the world and help improve our environment.  I have focused on air pollution because it is something that is affecting Hong Kong more and more. In creating this idea I hope to improve awareness about air pollution and how it changes the way we live in a negative way.  My hope is that people start to realise how air pollution destroys our planet and that this machine story could help them understand how they create air pollution and affect children’s well being. If you care about the environment and love to go outside and have fun please vote for this idea to win.

Thomas Y7 Darwin

Whats my idea:

My idea is a lift powered by your voice.

Why will this impact the world?

Elevator buttons can have up to 40 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat, This voice-activated system could change the world because it eliminates cross-contamination, It also accommodates visually impaired and disabled visitors.

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

The lift can also be called from 20 meters away,  using our phone app. I would like this idea to win Harrow ideas because it will help people stay clean and not have to worry about getting ill. The world has changed forever due to the coronavirus, it has never been so important to stop these viruses spreading so fast.

Jade Y8 Fry

What’s my idea?

MPG or Micropower Generation is a device that will absorb excess energy. The idea is to harvest motion produced by any living creature that moves and “recycle” it back into a system in the form of electricity that can be uploaded to the power company connected to your home. This whole process requires 2 parts: the MPG collector (wearable) and the docker (a station, where all energy made, is uploaded to the grid).

How will this impact the world?

  • Stops global warming created by power plants: Energy has been a major source of evil in the last 100 years. Man has led to wars, economic crisis, pollution and climate change. MPG helps put an end to all that by having almost unlimited energy completely free!
  • Ends the energy crisis in poorer countries: Energy is a precious commodity in poor nations. They also happen to work manual labour, needing lots of movement. With MPG, these overpopulated countries might end up producing the most energy.
  • A safe renewable energy source that EVERYONE can participate in creating: MPG doesn’t limit itself to humans.  All forms of life can contribute also. One day the most hated animal on earth, THE RAT will contribute the highest amount of MPG energy. Animals are not just a source of meat and manual labour. It is a potential power plant!

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

I’m not an inventor; nor an engineer: I, alone cannot make MPG a reality. However, If I do win Harrow ideas, my idea can convince investors and inventors to put this concept into work. As you see above, this idea is a solution to problems in this world while saving lots of money, which as we know, MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!

Harrow doesn’t teach us to just compute and solve.  It teaches us to think out of the box.  Well, you won’t find MPG in ‘the box’.  In fact, MPG will not just be a power generator.  It’s a catalyst that will cause a scientific reaction resulting in new ideas built on old ideas that have been around (and ignored) for ages.  If this doesn’t win the contest, I’d really, really, like to listen to the winning idea!

Isabella Y9 Wu

What is my idea?

Aqua Smart is a hands-free tap that helps people let water flow and to tell whether water is too hot or too cold without getting burnt. Without touching it, Aqua Smart also helps people see or hear if the water is hot or cold when it comes out of the tap, by using a light or sound, and becomes a great night light too.

How will this impact the world?

  • More people will have safer taps, a smaller chance of getting burnt from too hot or cold water, and less water consumption.
  • This tap can change the lives of everyone including the disabled. There is a voice activation system. The voice control would allow you to turn on or off the water, measure the water quantity and control the temperature too. This tap can help the mute and the blind as well, with a voice control setting for the blind and a clapping system for the mute.
  • There is an infrared sensor which detects the proximity of hands to activate water flow. This is great when your hands are full or dirty and prevents sharing and spreading germs. Also, there is a children setting which allows the water to glow the colour of the temperature for safety and fun; and extra light to be used as a night light.

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

I believe my idea should win Harrow IDEAS because it is not like all the other ideas. I know I am no inventor but this idea should have been invented when sensors and voice control were created. Right? There are many reasons why my idea should win.  Firstly, it can alter the world so much that the reasons cannot put into only 3 simple points. Secondly, it can help people of all ages to experience a safer time whilst using the tap in the bathroom, kitchen, etc. It will permit parents to feel less worried about their children getting burnt by water. Thirdly, it can help the mute and blind have a better quality of life. My idea speaks for itself; it is one of a kind idea and has no reason not to win Harrow IDEAS.