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House Charity Effort with ‘Hong Kong’s Restaurant with a Heart’

The Peel House charity representative Dion Chi (Y11, Peel) organised an opportunity for members of the House to join the charity work of Pei Ho Counterparts (????) by ‘Ming Gor’ and his team in Sham Shui Po to pack and distribute food to homeless and destitute people on 11 February 2017. ‘Ming Gor’ is an owner of a small, local Chinese barbecue restaurant. His restaurant has been giving free meals to the homeless every Saturday and serving affordable meals to poor locals.

The charity work of Peel House boys demonstrated one of the School’s six leadership attributes of Harrow Hong Kong Contributing positively to the community. The weekend experience with ‘Hong Kong’s Restaurant with a Heart’  was a very sobering revelation for many of the students to see how much poverty and need there is in this city. It was encouraging to see other like-minded passionate people were there to help the people in need. The boys and teachers appreciate the opportunity to support this very heartwarming charitable effort.

The great day has also been reported by Sham Sui Post, the district news of Sham Shui Po.