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How will attending an international school affect my job prospects?

For most parents and students, one of the most significant concerns that they have regarding moving abroad is their education and the impact it will have in the short, medium and long term. For younger children, the move can be quite traumatic at first, but they generally quickly adapt and settle down once they have made new friends. With older children, the experiences and emotions tend to vary from person to person, but overall, the move is likely to shape their future.

As the leading International School in Hong Kong, we know how important it is for students to follow the right path as they enter adulthood. We always endeavour to ensure that each child settles quickly and finds the entire experience enjoyable and educational. We believe that students attending international schools are more focused and more open to planning their future lives as well as their careers. While returning to their home country may or may not be their first choice, almost all students find that attending a quality international school improves their job prospects. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. Gain a global perspective

By their very nature, international schools will have pupils that come from many different countries and cultures. It allows students to mix with and explore diverse cultures which will give them a more global perspective. Being more open-minded and being exposed to this experience will prove to be a huge asset when they start to move into the workplace. Having numerous experiences which they can draw upon, experiences which the majority of other students won’t have had will be a massive advantage when it comes to the interview stage.

Students who have studied abroad are often more aware of others needs whilst also being more accepting of others opinions and ideas. This balanced perspective is essential in the modern workplace where many companies deal with clients on an international and domestic level. If they speak another language, this will also be hugely beneficial in terms of job prospects.

2. Cultural influences

Most international schools will embrace the local cultural influences which will reinforce the point regarding gaining a more global perspective. At an international school such as Harrow, we offer several extracurricular activities which are more focused on culture and cultural understanding. These more formal activities will look excellent on a student’s CV, and this will be amplified in a more informal setting as they will be living their daily lives in another country which will inevitably mean that they will need to adapt.

Even local students who study at an international school will benefit from different cultural influences. They will be learning in a more western environment which will offer a different curriculum that provided to their compatriots. They too will benefit from the experience when it comes to their futures both when applying to universities and to when entering the workplace for the first time.

3. Students are more focused

Many teachers who come from the UK, for example, comment on how willing students are to learn and that the classroom is a healthy learning environment. To some degree, this can be attributed to the local students’ attitude, such as working hard at school and respecting teachers and elders. It is something we recognised and actively encouraged.

However, we also believe that the reason that students are more focused is that they are learning in a school which has first-class facilities which enhance their learning experience. When this is combined with numerous extracurricular activities which we offer, such as sports, music and the arts, and the local activities, it makes attending school far more enjoyable. Happy students, will generally always be more focused and as such, go on to achieve their potential. Of course, this will enhance their future job prospects.

4. More opportunity for personal growth

Studying abroad will take pupils out of their comfort zone, with those attending as a boarder being taken away from the creature comforts at home. It is an experience which will make them more independent and often fosters increased self-confidence. Self-confidence and independence will help students to achieve far more and again realise their potential. Broadening their horizons as well as having the heightened levels of independence and self-confidence will stand them in good stead for the future.

For any child, being taken out of their comfort zone has an array of benefits on a personal and educational level. These are valuable life lessons which will help the student grow as a person enabling them to build long-lasting personal and professional relationship long after they leave school. It is something that will be evident during the interview process for universities and employment. We firmly believe that students that study abroad, whether than be for one or two years or much longer, are far happier to embrace new challenges and a new way of life.

5. The influence of friends and peers

Attending an international school will allow students to make life-long friendships and mix with their peers. It is again, something that has multiple benefits on a personal and professional level. We have found that several students have gone into business together later in life or have helped peers finding employment. Strong, sometimes long-distance friendships often mean that the individual is more confident, trusting of others and less anxious in a variety of situations. Naturally, this is something which will be apparent to others and will be an attractive character trait when it comes to entering the workplace.

Racism is almost unheard of in international schools, and everyone who attends, regardless of their colour, nationality or religion will be treated the same. It means that all students are playing on a level playing field which breeds acceptance and understanding. We firmly believe that the vast majority of students that attend international school find that their job prospects are enhanced rather than compromised.

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