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Inspiring Futures: The Sixth Annual Careers Fair

Harrow Hong Kong’s Year 10-13 pupils once again benefitted from the advice of industry leaders and experts at the School’s sixth Annual Careers Fair.

Organised in conjunction with the Friends of Harrow Education Enhancement Committee, the event welcomed an array of experienced panelists, comprising both parents and friends of the School and representing a broad range of professionals.  The Senior School pupils were able to seek information and advice from some 50 participants representing a total of 19 industry groups.  Over 60% of the panellists were Harrow Hong Kong parents.

One panellist was attending the Fair for the sixth time, returning each year even after her daughter left the School four years ago to attend university.  One family also had three participants at the Fair, with the mother in the organising team, and older daughter on the Medicine panel, and the younger daughter a current Year 10 pupil.

The Careers Fair countdown kicked off on Wednesday 7th November with a keynote speech given by Natalie Chan of OWN Academy, on discovering one’s own potential and finding connected learning for career life planning.  On Wednesday 14h November, at the Careers Fair itself, the Alex Fitch Hall was filled to capacity with curious pupils and panellists equally keen to share their experiences and career insights.

Pupils were able to review the panellists’ biographies in advance to assist them in targeting those attendees based on their own interests and in-House Facing Challenges career discussions.

Adaptability in both careers and skillsets was a key theme, with pupils interested to learn that, while a number of panellists had followed a particular career path, many others had followed multiple routes during their professional lives, applying their skills and knowledge across different industry sectors. 

Such flexibility, coupled with a high quality and broad educational foundation and leadership acumen, will be key attributes for pupils as they prepare to face a rapidly changing future world of work.

Friends of Harrow and Harrow Hong Kong are hugely grateful for the generous contributions shown by the panellists, who took time out of their busy professions and lives to meet and share their valuable insights with the pupils.

Careers Fair panellists:
Panels were grouped generally under Accounting; Arts, Design and Architecture; Business and Entrepreneurship, Dentistry; Finance and Banking; Finance Technology and Artificial Intelligence; Funds and Wealth Management; Government and Policy; Law; Logistics and Transportation; Medicine (1); Medicine (2); Military and Aviation; PR, Crisis Management and Journalism; Psychology; Sciences, Systems and Technology; Telecom, Media and Technology; and Veterinary Medicine.