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Lower School HarrowIDEAS 2021

Last term, our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils took part in an exciting entrepreneurship competition called #HarrowIDEAS. The students’ were set a brief to generate and develop an idea that could ‘change the world’ whilst following a number of different steps helping them to build their entrepreneurial skill set.

The assessment team at 7billionideas had the greatest of pleasure reviewing all of the ideas submitted and have selected one winner for each year group. Congratulations goes to:

  • Miles (Year 3) – Track Endangered Animals
  • Stacey (Year 4) – The Kid Keeper

The winning idea selected by the Harrow School community will be turned into a children’s book and published on Amazon so they can share their idea with the rest of the world! To help generate some positive discussions and demonstrate the creativity of our students to the world, the way we will be selecting a winner is via an online poll. This poll will be open from 26th to 30th April on Harrow’s social media pages (FacebookTwitter and Instagram). 

Please take a look at the ideas and join in on the voting. We look forward to seeing the outcome shortly and well done to all of the pupils involved.

Miles (Year 3)

What’s my idea?

Google TEA (Track Endangered Animals) is a programme that combines satellite navigation technology (such as Google Maps) and biometrics recognition technology (such as Google AI) to track animals around the world in real-time. Detailed animal features are stored in the programme for biometrics matching. Satellite navigation will track the location and population of animals with matching features. The programme will send alerts if the population of a specie drops below a number.

How will this impact the world?

  • Keeps track of specie population before it is too late: Many animals are already endangered. It could be too late by the time we find out that they are on the verge of extinction. Google TEA tracks in real-time and keeps scientists alert so we can take actions proactively.
  • Helps scientists to plan and prioritise their efforts: Some habitats may be more challenging for rescue work and some may require action more urgently. Google TEA identifies the population and geographic locations to help scientists make decisions on how best to protect the animals.
  • Sustains a more balanced ecosystem for our future: Earth belongs not only to humans but also the amazing world of animals. By preventing extinction, Google TEA helps sustain a balanced ecosystem where animals and humans happily share the world together.

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

I love animals and enjoy learning about them since I was very little. Being able to protect them and prevent extinction is something that is close to my heart. Seeing my parents use Google Maps and Face ID on their phones, I came up with the idea of Google TEA.

Google TEA pulls together technologies that we are familiar with, combines their functions, and serves a brand new purpose to make the world a better place. The idea is practicable. The technologies are already there. What we need is a programme developer who supports the cause and is willing to turn it into reality.

Innovation is not always inventing something completely new. It is also using existing things in a new way for a different purpose. If my idea wins, it can inspire people to pay attention to everyday things and think about how they may be used for good causes.

It is for these reasons that I believe I should win Harrow IDEAS.

Stacey (Year 4)

Whats my idea:

My idea is a robot called Kid Keeper that can care for kids when parents are at work. The Kid Keeper can cook, clean the house, be friends with children and even answer childrens’ questions such as “How to spell helicopter?” and “What is the answer of 2 x 5 + 3?”.

Why will this impact the world?

It will make a positive impact on the world because parents need to work and need someone to help take care of their kids. Before the invention of the Kid Keeper, families would hire a domestic helper, as known as ‘Auntie’, from overseas to take care of their kids. But an Auntie has a family and kids too. Buying Kid Keeper will help resolve this problem. Parents can focus on their work while Kid Keeper takes care of their kids at home. Aunties don’t need to leave their family and kids behind and work overseas. They can stay home to take care of their own family and kids.

Why should my idea win Harrow Ideas?

I should win the Harrow Ideas competition because my idea of having the Kid Keeper robot does not only help parents not worry about their kids and concentrate on work, but also helps Aunties to have time for themselves and to take care of their family and kids.