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Prep School Production 2016: Emil and the Detectives

“Slick and innovative … we loved that it included such a large number of children in such a relevant and effective way.”

“Another outstanding production: the choice of music, the staging, the number of kids, the thought and creativity were truly remarkable.”

“Such a slick production – everything was amazing: the acting, the choreography, the music.”

“I was amazed at the quality of the performances and the production as a whole – a tour de force.”

“Once again the performances, the staging, the scenery which really did evoke the density and pace of a city, and the singing were outstanding.”

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. So so amazing. It was so impressive. The students were incredible and the ensembles were brilliant. The set was fantastic, and so too were the costumes and props.”

These are just some of the comments made after the performances of Emil and the Detectives, which was performed on 21 to 23 June 2016. The first Prep School Production at the School, Emil featured 94 performers from Years 6 to 8, alongside five Year 10 GCSE Drama students who worked in performance support roles. Mr Stratton designed the set, Mr Cliffe supported the tech team and Mr James and Mr Wingate directed.

Here Kirsty Stevenson (Y10, Ward) shares her thoughts:

I was astounded by the production of Emil and the Detectives. From the opening scene I was in awe at how professional the acting and the set were. The plot itself was intriguing and yet light-hearted: with comedic relief and a lot of mature themes the Prep School students made it thoroughly entertaining to watch. I loved the ensemble scenes, particularly the scene showing Emil’s arrival in Berlin. The organised chaos was beautiful to watch, especially with the elegant lighting. The hard work put in was obvious and I do not think a single actor did not deliver to the high expectations set. The contrast between the solitude and calmness of the music songs and the intense action scenes improved the dynamics of the play. The costumes immediately highlighted the time period and were adorable. It goes without saying the lighting and the sound were exceptional and further heightened the atmosphere.

It was the perfect way to end the summer term.YouTube video