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School Bag Donation for the New School Year

This Summer Term, the charity working group of Harrow International School Hong Kong organised a ‘Sharing for a Cause’ programme in association with the School’s nominated charities, The Crossroads Foundation and Kids4Kids. The programme was very well supported by parents and students. All the donations will go to children that are supported by the two charities, such as those from rehabilitation centres, medical clinics and local NGOs that protect children from family violence and abuse.

A special mention must also go to GROWTH BAGS, a newly-launched lifestyle bag brand, which has donated 100 new, tailor-made school bags to children from Kids4Kids through the programme. Mr Patrick Kok-ching So, Managing Director of GROWTH BAGS, said, “we have been hoping to donate our bags to children who need our care in Hong Kong. As Harrow International School Hong Kong has been supportive to local and global children and educational charities, we are hoping the children who receive the bags will have a joyful new academic year in September 2016.”