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Scientific Harrovian

2016 is the year when scientists celebrated the 100 years since the publication of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (Theory of Gravity) that predicted the existence of Gravitational Waves, which have been detected recently. It is also the year that saw the publication of the first edition of the Scientific Harrovian, the School’s Science Magazine. The Magazine provides a forum for students in the Prep and Senior School to publish scientific articles or reports on scientific work and research. The Scientific Harrovian will be published annually and an editorial board consisting of five Year 13 students will be responsible for the publication.

A Scientific Harrovian article could be the result of a genuine interest a student has on a topic in the Physical and Biological Sciences or it could be the report on research that a student has carried out for a Gold CREST Project, a British Physics Olympiad Experimental Project, or a project carried out as an Extra Curricular Activity in a Science Club.

Writing an article helps a student prepare for life in higher education and beyond. In any scientific based degree, students are expected to write several scientific papers and reports so learning these skills in School will be of great benefit. Also, the publication of an article in a Science Magazine can be included in a student’s Personal Statement and this will allow the student to talk about his/her research interests in a University/College interview. Please read and share the magazine from the School website: