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City high-flyer turned Buddhist nun Emma Slade is set to provide a fascinating insight into her life, mental wellbeing and freedom when she opens Harrow Hong Kong’s Speaker’s Forum on Wednesday 8 November.

Ms. Slade had the education and career path of a high-flying executive: Cambridge Graduate, international banker based in New York, London and Hong Kong – and then it all changed.

The catalyst for this change was her experience in 1997 at the height of the Asian debt crisis, when she was taken hostage while on banking business in Jakarta.

As she sought to overcome this trauma, she went on to leave her finance career and embark on a journey to greater understanding. She has written in clear and honest terms about this in her book ‘Set Free’ which describes this and her decision to become ordained as a Buddhist nun in Bhutan.

She is ever-hopeful that mental wellbeing is increasingly taking centre-stage as an inspiring and important subject and believes the tools – or Buddhist principles – of mindfulness, compassion and renunciation can play an important role in mental wellbeing and freedom.

She will share her fascinating story with Harrow Hong Kong pupils and staff at our first Speaker’s Forum event for the 2017/18 year, and parents are also very welcome to attend.

Date: Wednesday 8 November

Time: 5.30pm

Location: 5F MPR, Harrow Hong Kong

For further information, or if parents wish to offer future Speaker’s Forum opportunities, please contact Ms. Nikki Woodroffe, Deputy Head Extra Curricular and External Relationships.