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At the end of term, nine students Aaron, Arthur, Chaney, Gary, Stefanie, Steven, Ralph, Valerie, Venezia, and two teachers, Ms Scott and Mr Hamon, set off on a eight-day adventure to Southern Greenland. The long journey was made better with a relaxing visit to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland enroute. Leaving Iceland, the group were naturally a little tired from the journey, but once the ice cap (Islandis) came into the view, the cameras came out and the excitement for the coming week grew. We visited idyllic Greenlandic villages and towns learning about local Inuit culture along the way. We navigated our way through fjords filled with icebergs and lived in tents with views of a glacier and the Islandis. The highlight of the week was to attempt some physical challenges, hiking on a glacier, kayaking amongst icebergs and camping in amazing pristine landscapes. Mr Hamon entertained the crew with riddles by the campfire after we devoured delicious meals cooked by our guides. In true Inuit style, seal was eaten and liked by most, along with Caribou. Bush toilets were a first for some! The trip was a  great success provided a great opportunity to learning about ourselves and each other through exploring new challenges in this new environment. Thank you to Ms Scott and Mr Hamon for leading the way and facilitating the trip, we are all sure this will be a lasting memory from our time at Harrow Hong Kong.