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Sunday Activity Day for Children from Sprouts Foundation

On Sunday 17 January, all the students and tutors from Tutt House welcomed 108 people from the Sprouts Foundation into School for the afternoon. Their programme provides after school language training and the development of life skills for nearly 250 low-income children in Tai Wai. This is a district where almost one-fourth of the population has no further education beyond primary school, and most children attending Sprouts come from households living on less than HK$200 per day. Last term the students from Tutt House raised money to pay for the day’s transport and a gift for the children by washing staff cars and baking cakes.

The students planned and led a carousel of music, drama, art and sporting activities for the visiting children, whilst the parents were given a tour of the School. Children from Sprouts Foundation and their siblings were split into five groups and they spent 20 minutes on each of the five activities. The day finished with a sumptuous buffet in the Dining Hall, courtesy of the students and their parents. This was followed by a short speech to thank everyone for their participation in such an enjoyable community event.