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Victorian Day 2016

During the Summer Term, Year 4 students were studying the Victorians. This linked in with their Literacy narrative, Street Child by Berley Doherty. This emotional story set in the nineteenth century allowed the students to understand how places have changed over time and compare and contrast their own lives to that of the character, Jim Jarvis.

This Literacy unit concluded with the much anticipated Victorian Day. On 10 June, all students arrived at School with their traditional Victorian costumes and were prepared for a day of reading, writing and arithmetic. The ‘strict’ teachers insisted on hygiene checks and hymn practice, whilst enacting the Victorian belief that children should be ‘seen and not heard’. Particular highlights were attending their Latin lesson with the Deputy Head, Mr Bolderow and eating the delicious beef broth and bread provided at lunchtime. It was a fun and rewarding day; the experience gave the students an opportunity to reflect on how much education has changed since Victorian times.